Christina Aguilera Keeps Bottomless Trend Going on 'The Voice' Finale (PHOTOS)

Christina, you forgot your pants again! As we all know by now, Christina Aguilera loves a pant-off moment!

During The Voice season 2 finale, X-Tina took eyes off her fellow team leaders and the final contestants with bedazzled bottoms, but managed to keep it conservative on the top with a sequined jacket and crisp white button-down blouse.

Christina, 30, has certainly donned some outrageous outfits this season, but seems to love all the looks.

Her stylist even lets the singer's fans in on how to pull off the styles.

Stylist Simone Harouche shares:

"For the finale show, Christina wanted to go with a tuxedo, but have fun with it and make it her own. She wore a Dolce and Gabbana sequin tux jacket, with a white dolce and gabbana tuxedo shirt and Norma kamali omo studded shorts."

What do you think of her look? Did Christina pull off the pantsless style? Play celeb stylist in the comments! Then, check out Celebuzz's exclusive interview with Flo Rida about his Voice performance.



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  • Aleisha Anderson
    Aleisha Anderson

    awwkss you can see her denim shorts :3

  • melodaw

    Will someone pay for me to get boobs like those?

  • melodaw


  • melodaw

    I agree gorgeous woman but her lack of respect for herself has really got to stop. I don't mean this outfit, which is actually quite cute but other aspects of her life and other things she has worn.

  • kamiluccha

    body - AMAZING Hair - I don't like it.

  • John D
    John D

    She's too fat to pull this off.

  • Amanda Delilah
    Amanda Delilah

    It's called CURVES!!!!

  • Mike Malone
    Mike Malone

    looks like a DEPEND'S diaper that was bedazzled,,,Her ass is much too big for this look

  • lashchelle09

    Not her best look, but she lost a lot of weight

  • Rhonda Warren Kimmel
  • Rhonda Warren Kimmel
    Rhonda Warren Kimmel

    Nope...she isnt bottomless, she looks like she has a whole lotta bottom! Why she would want to show it like that is way beyond reason!

  • LolaP

    What happened to little "Cindy Loo Hoo" ?????

  • LolaP

    Someone is obviously telling her that she looks good. Publicists and managers will tell these egotistic celebs anything they want to hear. It really is quite pathetic.....

  • vane

    gross!! look like a big old lady diaper

  • Geez

    She looks like a drag queen, wearing granny pants. Oh Christina, get a new look please