EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Owl City's New Single 'Gold' (AUDIO)

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Celebuzz gives a hoot! We're superfans of Owl City, so it brings us great pleasure to debut the new single "Gold" from the forthcoming EP Shooting Star -- which is leading up to a full-length album this summer!

Adam will be doing a Twitterview Thursday night, so be sure to follow the conversation with @owlcity! (Don't forget to follow @CELEBUZZ too!)

You can hear an exclusive premiere of the new song "Gold" right here:

You can also check out another new track off the EP over at our sister site Idolator.

In an interview with Celebuzz, the singer showed that while his huge hit “Fireflies” catapulted him to fame, he remains the same small town guy from Owatonna, Minnesota. He shared his fears, addressed the haters, and talked about his unrequited love for Taylor Swift!

"She’s always been my celebrity crush," he says of Swiftie. "What she does is so genuine and real. I admire how she stays true to herself and writing songs about personal things is often how “she deals with things.” To me, there’s no better way to deal with life than by writing music."

Read the rest of the interview HERE.



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  • Anonymous OC lover
    Anonymous OC lover

    to the people that say this is not Owl City, this is still th same Adam, but it's true, this song could've been made by Kesha or Justin Bieber, the lyrics are repetitive, there's no magic in them, like in dream's don't turn to dust or fireflies, I wonder what happened, why this sudden change?, maybe all things brigh and beautiful didn't sell much, but my favorite songs are in it, adam did not have to change just to be more famous, his fans loved the old songs for a reason

  • Corey

    Absolutely amazing! I've always been an Owl City fan. Of course it's different, but I still love it. My tastes aren't limited to just one genre.

  • Hamutyinei Banza
    Hamutyinei Banza

    Does it matter what it sounds like, if any of you are really owl city fans you would like his music no matter what it sounds like, being a musician means try new and different things and some people may not like that but its the artist choice. He is experimenting with this and I love it because he is an overall great artist and for me his music is awesome no matter what everyone else thinks.

  • Adam V.
    Adam V.

    Adam Young needs to ditch Universal Republic and go to an indie label. It's obvious that this new direction is 90% Universal Rep.'s idea and an indie label will give him the creative freedom he needs to be truly "gold" again. His friend Matt Thiessen co-owns Mono vs. Stereo, so maybe he can join that label.

  • Erica

    At first, to me, this song and the rest on the EP sounded so very different from anything Adam Young has come up with yet. But like every song, I decided to give it a chance. I played the songs over and over again, listening very hard to them; the sounds, the effects, his voice, the lyrics... If you listen really hard and put aside your original doubt for just a little while, you find it. Deep down within those songs you can hear the heart of what Owl CIty is still beating strong. The soul of his style and the magic he brings is still there; you just have to listen for it, instead of saying its not there anymore. Its like not believing in Santa Claus; if you don;t believe, he won't come. Now that I can hear Adam Young's heart and soul still being poured into this music, I love it to bits. Yes, it does sound different; but change can be a good thing, and Adam has the right to try something new. He might stick with this style, or he might not, or he may do something even more different next time. Get over it. Creative individuals like to explore, and I know that for a fact, because I consider myself a rookie of a visual artist, and trying new things has always been a fun challenge. Give the man a break, people. If you can't accept that Adam is expanding and exploring, that's fine with me; but don't hate on him. Haters stick out form the crowd, and you're all just pressuring him to do something that he might not want to do right now. Just chill. :)

  • Matt

    The record label saw his lackluster sales of his last album and probably wanted more mainstream profitable singles from him.

  • Matt

    I have a feeling these are a lot more mainstream due to pressure from his record label to make them more radio friendly.. aka more money for them.

  • Matt

    I loved his first two albums then All thingis bright and beautiful kind of rubbed me the wrong way on most of his songs.. I dont know I just really liked the way his voice sounded in the first two albums. I love this new stuff but I also am a fan of pop music and kesha haha

  • Coyla

    Natan Shtivelberg, I'm like you. I usually get huffy when an artist changes their music. Owl City, however, switched from music I love to music I also love, so I'm not sweating this. All good musicians will evolve and adapt as they grow as artists. As their lives and perspectives change, so does their music. It wouldn't be genuine if they kept recording the same type of music year after year. The heart of Owl City music is still there if you really listen for it.

  • Cork

    Well, I read this.... "not as emotionally invested as I used to be". So I think he's messing with our minds on this one. But, I guess what I don't understand is why he decided to change so drastically. All the other albums were slightly different but nothing compared to this. I think Adam is much better on his own than with other people. The lyrics to this... are so rudimentary and repetitive. I LOVE Owl City but these lyrics don't make you think. They're just obvious and out in the open. One of the main things I think everyone liked about him was the mysteriousness and quirkiness his music had. It was so unlike everything else in the music world at the time. But now, it's too similar to everything that's mainstream that I can't help but wonder what happened. The music is good, but it isn't what it used to be.

  • Hanna

    <3 yes. amazing. i can't even.

  • ANDE

    With this record I feel like I can finally take a deep breath and listen without holding it in because I’ve finally figured out how to let the music play, let the music exist, to listen with a new frame of reference, and now that I can do that, I am floored — because I’m so unbelievably proud of what I’m hearing. I’ve never made a record that gave me goosebumps because it made me feel, really feel something. But this one does that to me because it’s so different and new. It’s the embodied belief of an artist who believes he should never repeat himself or look back — but to create in the moment and to do things that make him feel infinite. Adam Young said that himself. So yeah..

  • Cork

    Can you not hear this song??? It sounds like a rendition of Ke$ha mixed with a boy band. The music is good... but it's totally different from everything else he's written. He's even said he's not as emotionally attached to this music. All I'm saying, is that he has changed into something he's not. He's morphed from super cool-quirky electronica to pop culture. Two totally different sounds. That's like the Beatles if they came out with a country hit. Even though it would be great no matter what because they're the Beatles...It's just not meant to be.

  • Silas

    People complain if there isn't enough change, so he changes and people complain about it. Granted: I'm not a huge fan of change, but this... This is art. You go, girl! :P

  • Kirsty

    he sounds different because he has grown and improved beyond all measure. he has changed for the BETTER. i love all his music and i think these new tracks are phenomenal. adam is gold ♥

  • Natan Shtivelberg
    Natan Shtivelberg

    Honestly , i'd usually be the person complaining about how an artist changed and whatever . but I'm digging his new stuff more than always :) Here's hope , Dementia , shooting star ...and this one is pretty cool too . I like how he got more upbeat . other than that it's not that different from his other stuff .

  • Fems

    What the hell is the problem? You dont choose what music Adam makes, he does. And as true fans you have to respect that. and besides, the song is cool.

  • Cierra

    Adam, please don't listen to the people complaining about your new music. I think it's obvious that the new album is going to be refreshing and amazing <3 There's nothing wrong with a little change, guys.

  • Mark

    Ok guys, come on. If you were a true fan you wouldn't freak. Your right, HE DOES SOUND DIFFERENT. But my mom said to me that ALL of his songs sound the smae and maybe, he wanted to try something. These are just four songs. FOUR. There are twelve on an album. Chill.

  • Gee

    I'm not a "hater fan" but I swear Adam must have gotten his music mixed up with Katy Perry's.

  • Thomas

    I was so excited to hear his new music but people are right...this is not Owl City. I've been with Owl City since the beginning. I miss the enchanting electronic melodies that Adam came up with that make you want to blast your speakers out. I'm really disappointed

  • Erin

    Woah, where have his magical, story telling lyrics gone? I love Adam so, so much. All Things Bright And Beautiful was AMAZING, I saw him live, but this just seems so lacklustre. I love him because his lyrics are completely magical, and this was just really average :\ I'm all for him trying out new sounds, that's what he's always doing, evolving, and I'll always support him, it's just the lyrics.

  • Jackie

    People really need to stop saying that this is 'not' Owl City. Could you imagine if he just kept writing a ton of songs that sounded exactly the same?( Don't get me wrong, I think his old music is some of the best ever written :) But I'm really liking this new style. C'mon guys, he's just branching out. :D

  • Guest

    I don't understand how people can hate this.. Sure it's a little different. Big whoop. I remember when I first heard All Things Bright and Beautiful. It took me a while to get used to Adam yelling a lot- I was used to the quiet, peaceful songs. But I love how he's experimenting. Besides,it's HIS music, so if he wants to change it up some, I'm with him all the way!

  • Poppy

    Don't care what all you 'hater-fans' are saying, he hasn't changed, it's a new song and has a new sound. He's just experimenting, that's the point of music, you can't make the same sound all of the time. I think it's amazing, the words are still the same old Adam words, beautiful and meaningful. It's nothing like Bieber rubbish, Just because theres a similarity in the effects doesn't mean it's the same. This is way more sophisticated and beautiful!!!

  • Bastian Bustamante Salkeld
    Bastian Bustamante Salkeld

    I'm fine with artists changing their style 99% of the time, I like Dementia, etc. But this song sounds exactly like Justin Bieber pop garbage. Hope the rest of the album isn't like this.

  • Caroline

    YES IT IS. His music does not have to sound exactly the same he's changing his style a bit what's wrong with that?

  • Caroline


  • ANDE

    He is trying out new stuff. Its ridiculous to say this isn't Owl City. This is Owl City. This is the next chapter.. This is, his "second album." Its a new leaf. Its.. gold.

  • elizabeth young
    elizabeth young

    please don't listen to those people Adam, as long as you're singing it, I'm happy.<3

  • Jonathan Max Begum
    Jonathan Max Begum

    Owl city is Adam Young You can trust he's doing what he feels is right. Just like Alligator Sky, he's branching out to new horizons and experimenting with music. And just like his last CD it was still the same old Owl city with just a bit of a mix. Dont doubt this EP yet ^^

  • Jay

    He needs to stop caring what the haters think :(

  • Ryan Almquist
    Ryan Almquist

    Agreed with the above comments. He is way better at writing and producing his own songs.

  • Madd Ray
    Madd Ray

    Adam, you need to stop trying to sound so mainstream. You're too awesome for that.

  • holly

    Not digging the new stuff. I want MY Owl City back. Adam please, you don't need collaborative, you are GOLD by yourself. :,(

  • Cork

    Dang, I must have clicked on the wrong link.... There's no way this is Owl City.... I love OC, and I like the new music. But THIS... is NOT OC. Sorry...

  • this owl city fan will never stop freaking out over his amazing songs
    this owl city fan will never stop freaking out over his amazing songs


  • Lena

    I am seriously the biggest Owl City fan. So very proud of his growth. Wonderful stuff! Keep going, Adam!