‘Glee’, ‘Mean Girls’ & ‘Twilight’! Celebuzz’s Fave On-Screen Prom Moments (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

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'Glee' Prom!
The 'Glee' gang gears up for prom!
Prom season is here, and shows like Glee are capturing the special moment for audiences.

On Tuesday night’s episode of the hit FOX show, the kids of William McKinley High School celebrated prom in a fashion that we’ve become accustomed to: song! Most exciting, the boys of the New Directions covered One Direction‘s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Last year, the show also did a huge prom episode where the the Glee gals and guys provided live performances for the event. Most memorably, Puck (Mark Salling), Artie (Kevin McHale), and Sam (Chord Overstreet) belted out a ridiculously good rendition of Rebecca Black‘s “Friday.”

Though Tuesday’s prom episode is definitely a fave for Gleeks, Celebuzz has gone a step farther…

In honor of the formal high school dance season, relive some of our favorite movie and TV prom scenes that we’ll never forget (oh, and a Grease dance scene, we couldn’t resist!).

From Lindsay Lohan‘s infamous Mean Girls Spring Fling queen speech to Usher‘s awesomely good choreography in She’s All That to Never Been Kissed ‘s dog food scene, we’ve created a gallery of all of these moments and more — like when Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski broke up during their prom, or when Edward Cullen and Bella Swan shared their first public dance in Twilight.

Also, check out a few video clips of some of these scenes below.

Mean Girls

Never Been Kissed

She’s All That


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