Morgan Spurlock Talks Manscaping, What Makes Him Feel ‘Mansome’ & More (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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You may know Morgan Spurlock from his game-changing 2004 documentary Super Size Me, but he’s now taking on the world of male grooming.

The film maker, who has gone on to produce films such as The Greatest Film Ever Sold as well as the critically acclaimed TV series 30 Days, is now behind the brand-new documentary Mansome, which chronicles the evolution of male grooming. From dicussions of facial hair (pro or anti-mustache?) to the ever-controversial manscaping, no topic is off limits in this informative (and hilarious) documentary.

We caught up with Morgan at the premiere of the film at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on Wednesday, and being the avid documentary film maker he is, he even turned the cameras on Celebuzz!

That’s right, our camera guy rocks a pretty awesome beard, and Morgan had to commend him for his facial hair efforts.

In addition to Morgan’s guerilla film making skills, we asked him what made him feel most “mansome,” to which he quipped:

“I’ve got a little boy, and I feel incredibly mansome when I’m taking are of him and spending time with him. I feel like a man … when I’m showing how to do things, like shoot a gun.”

For more, watch the video above!