'The Voice' Vlog: Charlotte Sometimes Breaks Down The Finale! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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What really went on at The Voice finale? Singer-songwriter and former contestant Charlotte Sometimes talks about the big event from behind the scenes in her exclusive video blog series for Celebuzz!

As fans know, Jermaine Paul took home the title -- winning a record contract and $100,000 grand prize. Jermaine former sang backup for Alicia Keys, who was a big supporter of the father of four.

Charlotte had another favorite from Monday night's performance show:

"The four finalists ... I really enjoyed all their performances on Monday, I think they all did a good job," she says. "Chris Mann was my favorite."

As for controversial contestant Tony Lucca, who performed "99 Problems," "Word on the street is that Adam wanted him to sing the song," Charlotte reveals. "And he directed it towards Christina -- which she got very upset over."

As for Christina's remark the song was sexist, Charlotte agrees. "I think it was really, really rude of Adam to suggest to do that song. You might not like Christina but you should at least respect her."

Do you agree with her side of the judge feud? Sound off in the comments below!



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  • Florian

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  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    christina has been a b***ch towards tony lucca all season so she deserved it,if she doe not respect him as a singer why should he respect her.plus the wanted also called her a b**tch as she was rude to them when they were on the show

  • Parawee Kaewvattana
    Parawee Kaewvattana

    With one-dimensional thing, I agree, but other than that Tony always say something negative towards Christina after the show.

  • Ryan

    Sorry, not Lex Land, I meant Juliet Simms' audition.

  • Ryan

    Christina is the coach that makes more money than the rest of the coaches, of course she would totally act how she does. I respect her, don't get me wrong, but she can act however she wants because they practically need her on the show. They wouldn't let her go. If you watch Lex Land's audition, she really gets her claws on Adam. It's worse this time around, last season, she was a bit nicer, keeping the friendly competition leveled.

  • Victoria Hatfield
    Victoria Hatfield

    Christina is the one who put down Tony every chance she got. It was like some vendetta. Christiana's true colors have come out on The Voice

  • areukidding

    she started the drama so right back at her. no respect till she starts showing it to others.

  • ronald

    i think you just hate adam..