Will Arnett Gives Met Gala Style Review: Those Are the Best Groomed People on the Planet (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Who would have known Will Arnett was such a fashionisto?

The hilarious Up All Night actor attended the prestigious Met Gala in NYC on Monday, and told Celebuzz all about the stylish evening at the premiere of Mansome at ArcLight theaters in Hollywood on Wednesday. While Will, 42, looked handsome in a finely tailored suit, his wife Amy Poehler, who stars on NBC's Parks and Recreation, stole the show in a gorgeous Fotini gown along with Tiffanys' jewels and Jimmy Choo shoes.

So, what did Will think about being at one of fashion's biggest nights?

"Those are probably the best groomed people on the planet. ... The people working there look better and are better dressed than people who go to every event in Hollywood. Way more style, way cooler, way more groomed, the style is insane."

On the subject of grooming, Mansome, a documentary all about the evolution of male grooming habits which Will produced with his friend and Arrested Development co-star Jason Bateman, talked about what lengths he and Jason had to go to for the film.

"We did some mani/pedi, we did some facials, and then we got in a bathtub together. But for us, that isn't that crazy. We're good buds. We hang out together, nude, a lot."

TMI? Nah!

For more, check out the interview above!



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