Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez & More: Most Expensive Celebrity Baby Photos

Baby, baby, baby, oh!

There’s nothing fans love more than catching the first glimpse of the children of their favorite Hollywood stars. But it comes at a price — for news outlets, at least!

With news that Jessica Simpson has sold the first photos of her newborn baby girl Maxwell Drew, born May 1, to PEOPLE magazine for a whopping $800,000, Celebuzz decided to investigate who in Tinseltown has turned the birth of their children into a pay day.

So who cashed in and how much did they make?

Jennifer Lopez pocketed a reported $6 million for the first photo of twins Max and Emme, now 4, while Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt snared around $11 million for their own twins, Vivienne and Knox.

However, proving their generosity, the couple known as ‘Brangelina’ graciously donated the funds to charity.

Not every star wants a pay day, though.

Beyonce, Hilary Duff and Kate Hudson have all used Twitter to show off their bundles of joy. Check out the pics below!

For the full breakdown on the most expensive celebrity baby photos — and to go goo goo gas gaa — check out the gallery!