Bikini Birthday! Audrina Patridge & Boyfriend Celebrate In Cabo, See Her Sexiest Swimsuits! (PHOTOS)

She might have turned 27 on Wednesday, but Audrina Patridge is never too old for Spring Break!

The Hills star hit up the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her adorable boyfriend Corey Bohan by her side along with her parents, Mark and Lynn, her little sister Samantha and her boyfriend Chris.

Slipping into a white bikini, Audrina flaunted her famous curves as she laughed and lounged at the ME Cabo Hotel and their Nikki Beach Club.

While getting some R&R, Audrina took the time to show some gratitude to her Twitter followers, writing:

This latest teeny white bikini is just one of many sexy swimsuits Audrina has donned. Click the pics to see her best bikini styles.



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  • jack

    remember when someone said to the person scoring a touchdown..."act like you have been their before or meant to get there." You morons need to act like this isn't the first women you have ever seen in your life in a bikini...

  • Nicole

    this is a free market and so if a pseorn brings so much value to other companies, then that pseorn deserves a fee for marketing services.I think the issue is more about US. What kind of culture does this reflect. It these are the people who bring viewers, party-goers, customers etc. then what is it about them that we so highly value? Mostly, some force that propels you into the A crowd it would seem. So, the society still covets attention and materialsim and outward appearance. The thing is to be hot in some way. With women, young women, nature gives them sex appeal because of natural selection. They attract males interested in mating. I think it boils down to the fact that the ERa of Narcissism has not ended and that we value celebrity for its own sake which includes enough money to live the life of a celebrity. That's it. NOthing else. So, the one dimensional appeal reflects the unidimensional aspects of our culture.

  • jennyst

    Slender and toned Audrina looked just perfect in her white bikini in Cabo! Incredible curves and cleavage. No wonder her bf Corey is always smiling!

  • Andrea Gastinato
    Andrea Gastinato

    Model and reality TV personality Audrina Patridge looked absolutely amazing in Cabo! Proof she can look sizzling hot whenever she wants to! Great hair, impressive curves and cleavage! Perfect! More of this Audrina, please.

  • dah

    no, really.. *sarcasm*

  • dah

    no crap dipstick, but she doesn't have cankles, she's skinny as. and my comment just doesn't apply to 'Joe', it also applys to the 'annonymous' guy who called her a bobblehead. She's hot and yous know it.

  • BassGlenn

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  • Lala


  • Lala

    joe is just saying the truth, her boos are fake.

  • Me

    Her boobs are fake ...

  • thetruth

    IS THIS REALLY YOUR BIGGEST CONCERN?! copy and paste this on youtube. WAKE UP i couldn't believe what is going on on the other side of the world.. copy and paste this on youtube.... how sad, what a tragedy... I AM ASHAMED TO BE A HUMAN BEING LIVING IN THIS ERA حمص باب السباع العدوية وكرم الزيتون مجازر يرتكبها النظام بحق الاطفال والنشط عمر التلاوي يروى ماحصل 12 3 2012

  • dah

    dayum, you hot little thing!!

  • dah

    if you don't like her then why did you bother to click on an article of Audrina, look at bikini photos of her and then type those pathetic comments? you guys are idiots, Audrina is hot like the sun.

  • Anonymous


  • Joe

    Implants, and cankles, hardly perfect.

  • mileyismylife

    She is seriously too hot! and her body, is just wow.

  • mileyismylife

    she is just too pretty, and her body is seriously so perfect!