Courtney Stodden Debuts Single 'Reality' (LISTEN)

Courtney Stodden is giving you a beat to "floor flash" to this Friday!

Like many "famous for being famous" celebs before her, the 17-year-old teen bride -- wife to 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison -- has released a new song titled "Reality." Lyrics include:

"Hold me baby, close the door, let's go./Baby, if you want to, we can take it all the way."
Courtney commented on the new dance track:

“The song is about clubbing and dancing with your sexy partner,” she told “To me, it’s a story about lust. It’s about falling in love with someone. Is it in your head, or is it lust?”

This would be the teen bride's second, yes second, single to be released. Her first being "Don't Put It On Me." Take a listen to that track below and let us know which one you prefer.



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  • Bar

    I wanted to hate but honestly she is not bad. I have heard a lot worse.

  • courtney

    To be honest, and maybe this is just a sign of the times, but it sounds like most of the stuff on the radio these days. This will be a hit in clubs- even I like it!

  • Miranda Jamie CarMichael
  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Who's her fat friend?

  • seriously

    Reality: I don't think she lives in it.

  • jen

    Oh Jesus Christ.