Darren Criss & StarKid’s Best Video Chat Moments (VIDEO)

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Celebuzz and Darren Criss teamed up to do our second live web chat with his fans last Friday! This time, Criss was joined by some very special guests, his theatre group StarKid!

In case you missed it, take a look at our highlight video of the live stream to see some of the best fan reactions! The clip is filled with screams and excitement! Even though it was a chat, there were a few silent moments with barely any words spoken, as fans caught their breath.

Of course, if Darren and the StarKid crew popped up on our computer screens we’d be star-struck and speechless too!

The Glee star even jokes about kissing one of the StarKid members for some light-hearted fun. Plus, a few fans were able to ask the dreamy actor and crew a question or two! Plus, find out how you can snag two vip tickets to their Apocalyptour!

This is one video you don’t want to miss. Trust us, you won’t stop smiling!

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