Flashback Friday: Johnny Depp Learns How To Be A Gang Member! (VIDEO)

Audiences are used to seeing Johnny Depp transform into various characters, like a chameleon. The versatile actor physically morphs to fit the role, a skill used in 21 Jumpstreet, the television series that launched him to fame!

A young Johnny goes through the paces in a series of clips that show him learning how to be a gang member on the classic 80s cop show — complete with a slick ponytail and style makeover!

He tests his ability to blend in with the bad boys by throwing gang signs and learning the rules of the street:

Watch the video to see if he makes a convincing gangster!

Although 21 Jumpstreet made him a teen heartthrob, it was his breakout role in the 1990 movie Edward Scissorhands that made him a household name. The film was his first time working with director Tim Burton.

He quickly made a name for himself as an actor’s actor, delivering critically acclaimed performances in Benny & Joon and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Later, he reunited with Burton for a number of films. Their eighth movie together is Dark Shadows, which is out Friday, May 11. In the remake of the cult classic, Johnny plays an eccentric vampire unearthed in the 1970s.

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