‘The Dictator’ Star Jason Mantzoukas Backs Kim Kardashian Running for Mayor (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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She is no dictator, but Kim Kardashianwould make a good politician — this according to The Dictator star Jason Mantzoukas.

Speaking to Celebuzz correspondent Taryn Ryder at the London premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen’s much-hyped new film, Mantzoukas told us: “Mayor Kim, I think its great, she’s got my vote!”

The star of the FX comedy series The League added, “I don’t live in Glendale, but I may move there just to vote for her.”

Jason wasn’t the only one who talked up Mayor Kim on the red carpet, as we reported earlier.

General Aladeen joked to Celebuzz, “Kim Kardashian, I know her very well, she came over to my palace. I paid her mother [Kris] $400,000 Euros for one night with her.”

Ryder also caught up with new mom-to-be Anna Faris. In the days before the premiere, the 35-year-old actress announced she was expecting her first child with husband, Chris Pratt.

Check out the above video to hear more from Mantzoukas — and below for our one-on-one with Faris.