‘He Probably Thinks I’m Stalking Him!’ Who Said That?! Plus, The Week’s Top 10 Quotes

Kristen as Snow White
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“I went to the room that I thought was mine and I’m sticking my key [in]… the door opens and it was David Spade! He probably thinking I’m stalking him!”

Which Hollywood starlet had a hotel mishap with the Rules of Engagement star?

Was it Katy Perry? Kristen Stewart or Michelle Pfeiffer?

Click after the jump to find out who the embarrassed A-lister was — along with Celebuzz’s Top 10 Celebrity Quotes of the week.

Drumroll, please.

It was blonde beauty Michelle Pfieffer! The 54-year-old Dark Shadows star had an awkward run-in with Spade when she stumbled into his hotel room in Las Vegas in April — and immediately ran in the other direction!

“I was like, ‘Ugh, I’m sorry I have the wrong room’ and I just ran away. I don’t know that he ever really realized that it was me and I haven’t seen him since,” Michelle confessed this week.

More stars over the past week made us smirk, smile — and even cringed — with their words of wisdom. Check out the gallery, above, for the top 10 quotes of the week then jump over to Celebuzz’s Facebook to chime in and tell us which quote was your fave.