Celeb Yoga Instructor Reveals Ways to De-Stress After Pregnancy

Gwen Lawrence is the instructor for five New York pro teams, including the New York Giants. She has several online yoga classes on GaiamTV.com.

Last week, we honored Mother’s Day by acknowledging new moms and moms who have recently given birth. I shared some ideas about how to get back into pre-baby shape with great DVD suggestions from GaiamTV.com and simple at-home workouts to try.

This week, I’m stressing something very important: The de-stressing of mom.

Gaining weight and not being able to lose it is linked to the body’s response to stress. Whether your body increases cortisol – the hormone related to stress – or you tend to be a stress-eater and overeat, it’s imperative to take time for yourself each day by:

  • Finding a quiet space to read a page from an inspirational book
  • Stopping several times a day to take 10 conscious deep breaths
  • Drinking eight glasses of fresh, clean water each day
  • Limiting alcohol
  • Eating fresh, whole foods
  • Making sure to get plenty of uninterrupted sleep

Start with these simple tips and you will look and feel gorgeous on the inside and out.  You will have glowing skin like Jennifer Lopez, and a fresh radiance like Jennifer Aniston.

If you need more guidance, try these great inspirational DVDs at GaiamTV.com: Quigon for CleansingGaiam Inspirations with Lisa Garr and Victoria Boutenko, Ayurveda for Detox, and Daily Meditation with Rodney Yee.

Search GaiamTV.com for the many ways to make time for yourself and cope with the stresses of being a mom!

Good luck and stay inspired!

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Gwen’s unique combination of dance, massage and yoga training experience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, provides her clients with overwhelming benefits. Gwen is the yoga instructor for 5 NY Pro teams. Her writing appears in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Details, shape.com, and espn.com. She makes regular appearances on NBC’s TODAY show, and Good Day New York. She was featured in June’s ESPN Magazine as the “Best Innovation in Sports Medicine,” and is a featured “Super Ambassador” for GaiamTV.com.

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