'Battleship' Bikini Showdown: Rihanna vs. Brooklyn Decker (POLL)

On Friday, Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker will heat up silver screens across the nation as Battleship hits US theaters. Seeing how most of the film takes place in -- where else -- the ocean, we thought we'd look through our photo archives to see once and for all who's got the better swimsuit style to rule the seven seas.

Which Battleship babe will reign supreme? Flip through the gallery to see their bikini looks then cast your vote in the poll!

Born and raised in Barbados, Rihanna, 24, knows a thing or two about skimpy suits. The "Where Have You Been" crooner flaunts her curves on her Twitter daily, and even took a very bikini-filled Hawaiian vacay recently.

However, 25-year-old Brooklyn is no stranger to the two piece. The model-turned-actress has been featured in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition for three consecutive years before making the cover in 2010.

Recently, both Rihanna and Brooklyn took their sexy styles to Los Angeles for the Battleship premiere. Check out their racy red carpet looks below.

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  • relax

    shes wearing a bikini love because she's at the beach, wearing a two piece doesn't make you 'cheap'. if so, your calling almost every women in the world who wears a bkini 'cheap looking'. cute insult babes.

  • dssds

    she always looks cheap

  • Mikie

    Brooklyn by a mile. Rihanna used to be a babe but all that nasty crap she does is showing in her looks. Brooklyn has the better shape - notice how her thighs don't rub together like Rihanna's...because they aren't fat. Speaking fo fat...notice there weren't any butt shots of Rihanna...that's because her's is freakin huge! Some of you guys like that...sorry, not for me...I want to be able to reach around my woman and there's no way I could get my hands around that one!

  • Mikie

    Those aren't sex bruises - those are from her boy Chris after they got together again...girl is into that crap apparently.

  • purpleg00p

    thats Rihanna :]

  • jbd59

    that pistol tat is tacky and gansta.

  • jbd59

    girls got sex bruises all over her legs. lol

  • Art Critic
    Art Critic

    More to the point, aren't singers supposed to be known for their SINGING, not their bra size? Am I just dating myself here?

  • Art Critic
    Art Critic

    Call me stupid but, uh, which she?

  • Art Critic
    Art Critic

    At the risk of being called racist, women of different ethnic groups should not be compared to each other. Its like saying that a certain impressionist painting is more beautiful that a certain abstract painting. Viva la difference!

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    i like rihannas body better. i think she has a better shape.

  • mileyismylife

    she is so perfect!

  • brenda

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  • Erri

    I hate Rihanna! Ickk...gross person! She was actually beautiful when she made her debut...what happened?! Celebrity status, probably tons of drugs and sex, they really ruined her!

  • davenport

    Rihanna is gross, its not even close. Giant forehead and trashy.

  • Priscilla Parsatoon
    Priscilla Parsatoon

    Rihanna is smoking hot!

  • Blessed Angel
    Blessed Angel

    Rihanna does it best!!!all the way Caribbean chicks rule.

  • Asha Parsatoon
    Asha Parsatoon

    Rihanna rocks the swim suits much better..she has an amazing body..hands down Rihanna wins anyday

  • Gevorg Margaryan
    Gevorg Margaryan

    Rihanna is more hotter than Brooklyn...sorry Brooklyn's fans....

  • aunnie98


  • davenport

    Brooklyn hands down. Not even close

  • kamipj786

    Brooklyn is waaaayy more beautiful then rihanna. sorry rihanna's fans :)