Hope Solo: I’m Not Watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ This Season! (VIDEO)

How does U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Goalkeeper Hope Solo deal with the pressure of the upcoming Olympics?

“There’s so much pressure,” she says. “But I’m okay with it. It’s all about learning how to manage your emotions, manage your anxiety. I do get nervous before games, but I like that. It means I care about what I’m doing and it allows me to play at the highest level I can play at. I had to learn to manage those nerves, it’s not like I could ignore them.”

The Dancing with the Stars alum also reveals why she isn’t watching the show this season:

“I hate to admit it, but I haven’t [been able to keep up with it],” she says. “I’ve been on the road so much, I haven’t seen one episode this season.”

As she’s training for the biggest sporting event in the world, who could blame her?!? Guess this is one alum who might be too busy for the upcoming all-star season.

To stay in top shape, Hope says eating right is very important. “We don’t usually diet,” she says. “We need more calories to perform at a high level.”

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