Is Michelle Williams Heading to ‘Smash’? Star Megan Hilty Weighs In (EXCLUSIVE)

Michelle: Lady In Red!
Michelle is a show stopper at 2012 Oscars.
On Smash, Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee are still battling over the chance to play Marilyn Monroe, but their character could be facing another competitor — if Hilty gets her wish, anyway.

The blonde bombshell, 31, admits she’d love for her character, Ivy, to go up against My Week With Marilyn actress Michelle Williams on the hit TV show.

“She’s fantastic,” Hilty told Celebuzz at Dr. Scholl’s “Get Up & Go” event. “I don’t know if she’s a fan of the show or not … [But] I’m sure we could make room for another Marilyn if she wants to guest star.”

Although the cameo probably won’t happen, Hilty did reveal her hopes for Ivy in season 2.

Hilty reveals she’s holding out hope that her character finally gets a man.

“I want her to get a boyfriend; someone who isn’t in the business who can take care of her. I’m crossing my fingers,” she said.

As for the male prospects, Hilty doesn’t have a particular actor in mind, but joked, “I’ll be holding auditions later.”

Tune into Smash on Monday at 10/9c on NBC to see Megan in action. What do you hope to see happen in season 2 of Smash? Sound off in the comments!