Josh Hutcherson Steps Out After Surgery to Fix Broken Nose (PHOTO)



Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson was seen out and about in Beverly Hills on Monday afternoon, after heading to a follow up appointment regarding the surgery he just had to fix his broken nose. Josh, 19, looks great despite going under the knife just about a week ago! Casually dressed, Josh was in a sweatshirt, shorts, and was sporting a Cincinnati Reds' baseball cap.

Thought it's a bummer Josh had to have surgery, it looks like he found a fun way to entertain himself during recovery.

Josh tweeted on May 9:

Returning the favor, Jennifer Love Hewitt tweeted back:

Who knew Josh liked Lifetime shows? Love it!

Liam, Josh & Gary!
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  • lolpop

    wow, you're seriously a nasty piece of work babes, he broke his nose, END OF STORY! how would plastic surgery fix his height or have anything to do with it, you idiot? also, if he had plastic surgery, his nose would be completely wrapped up nothave a tiny cotton wool piece sit on tape tohelp keep his nose place. so shush your face mate!!

  • Napoupi

    Are there still people out there that believe the broken nose excuse ? It's been so overused ! He just had plastic surgery on his nose because he's a short, narcissistic POS. Get over it !

  • Lisa Shone
    Lisa Shone

    who the effff is he anyway? lmao!

  • mileyismylife

    aww my beautiful baby<3 i died when i saw the tweet saying he had had surgery. get well soon Joshy!

  • brenda

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  • Alyssa Morris
    Alyssa Morris

    Oh no! My poor baby! :( <3