Kim Kardashian and Kayne West Lock Lips At Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)

Kim on 'TODAY'
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Kim Kardashian and her new beau Kayne West were not afraid to show some PDA over the weekend on the set of Kim's photo shoot for Vogue Italia in LA.

The reality starlet, 31 stole a kiss with Kayne in between snaps but this wasn't the only public display of affection we saw from Kimye this weekend.

The duo were also spotted canoodling court side at the Lakers game.

Besides the stealing a smooch before striking a pose Kim seemed to look an awful lot like her mother Kris Jenner as she was sporting a short black cropped wig for the shoot.

"Happy Mothers Day!!! Had an amazing breakfast with the off to a special shoot today!" Kim Tweeted yesterday morning before heading off. Maybe it was Kayne that made the shoot extra special!

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  • gaga

    she looks like a mental patient or maybe she's trying to look like her mom

  • Jennifer Allen
    Jennifer Allen

    He's all like.. Is that what your hair looks like without product?!

  • Alexandra Lucca
    Alexandra Lucca

    she looks just like her mom

  • cb

    he is an a.h. arrogant jerk and she is just pure slut/trash. i think that girl would take up with anything and anyone.

  • Redhawk Wilson
    Redhawk Wilson

    I like her w/ short hair ! She very much favors her mom , Kris .Kim appears taller w/ sht hair . She's cut her hair b4 , just like my girl & I .--Peace 2 u & Kim , everybody!

  • Redhawk Wilson
    Redhawk Wilson

    I like Kim , fam & pals . Kanye' , sorry , I do not like his egotistical illuminati : demonic ways ! He can accept Jesus Christ & apologize 4 his sins . He's rcvng so much glory thru Satan , I doubt he'll stop & he's deceiving mils of ppl . I pray 4 them both . Sorry , but Kim is probably not on his level . I pray she does not want success via Belzabub . It is not looking gd . Kanye has got 2 b amongst the top 20 artist in the world ! Concerts , endorsements , bus ventures pay mils ! She makes an insane amount of $ . Kim is popular, gdlkng , perky & smart ! She has a loving fam bkng her. I pray that getting deeper in2 Jesus will steer her out of harms way!!--peace & blessings 2 Kanye ' & Kim .

  • aapurv jain
    aapurv jain

    Finally , kim has found someone who's got the same social status as her and is in the same league ! He's som1 who wud understand her work and respect her fr the same , unlike her ex-husband !

  • Stacey Arlene
    Stacey Arlene

    I DO NOT like her with short hair. I agree looks to much like her mother.

  • name


  • Gevorg Margaryan
  • Tricia Holmes McDowell
    Tricia Holmes McDowell

    with short hair she looks like her mother

  • Steph

    I love her hair, it really suits her. =)

  • 'Nancy Rose Vinson
    'Nancy Rose Vinson

    yukk I can't stand him and I really liked her but what is with all the jerks? c'mon Kim you deserve better!

  • Joanna

    i like them together!