Readers React: Are You Team LeAnn Rimes or Team Brandi Glanville?

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In the ongoing feud between LeAnn Rimes and her hubby’s ex Brandi Glanville, we want to know: Are you Team LeAnn or Team Brandi?

As Celebuzz exclusively reported, the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made threats so serious that LeAnn seriously considered asking a Los Angeles court to issue a restraining order against her. “Brandi has told LeAnn to her face multiple times that she would kill her if she could,” a source close to the situation told Celebuzz.

Celebuzz readers are taking sides on our Facebook page!

Frances Mosley Team Brandi, it is uncool to steal another womans man, it goes against our sisterhood! U feel incredibly betrayed, its like whacking a sleeping lion and wondering why it attacked you! If a relationship isnt working, leave and give your partner closure before moving on!

Lois J Levy Smith No team but… love Le Ann Rimes. Brandi needs help.

Jackie Briggs Vermillion Brandi! I’d feel the exact same way. It’s following through on those actions that would make her a nut job…which she didn’t! I think she is just saying how many other women feel in that situation!

Brandy Nichole Comeau LeAnn, Brandi is a nut job! Seriously!!!

Lupe Jimenez Renteria Team Brandi.. LeAnn is a home wreaker

LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian recently celebrated one year of mearriage.