Readers React: Are You Team LeAnn Rimes or Team Brandi Glanville?

In the ongoing feud between LeAnn Rimes and her hubby's ex Brandi Glanville, we want to know: Are you Team LeAnn or Team Brandi?

As Celebuzz exclusively reported, the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made threats so serious that LeAnn seriously considered asking a Los Angeles court to issue a restraining order against her. “Brandi has told LeAnn to her face multiple times that she would kill her if she could,” a source close to the situation told Celebuzz.

Celebuzz readers are taking sides on our Facebook page!

Frances Mosley Team Brandi, it is uncool to steal another womans man, it goes against our sisterhood! U feel incredibly betrayed, its like whacking a sleeping lion and wondering why it attacked you! If a relationship isnt working, leave and give your partner closure before moving on!

Lois J Levy Smith No team but... love Le Ann Rimes. Brandi needs help.

Jackie Briggs Vermillion Brandi! I'd feel the exact same way. It's following through on those actions that would make her a nut job...which she didn't! I think she is just saying how many other women feel in that situation!

Brandy Nichole Comeau LeAnn, Brandi is a nut job! Seriously!!!

Lupe Jimenez Renteria Team Brandi.. LeAnn is a home wreaker

LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian recently celebrated one year of mearriage.



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  • Sarah

    I assume this is a rhetorical question? Dislike for Leann is monumental. The only place she finds love is on twitter, why do you think she LIVES on there?! It's hard to fathom why she just doesn't seem to get that every staged photo-op just makes people dislike her even more. It's kind of sad that she seems to confuse attention for love.

  • Bethany

    Who cares is what I think.

  • Lindar

    There is an old saying that kids are the reflection of their parents. While not always true, this case makes one wonder about LR"S parents and bonus parents! She is one craze lunatic. Just waiting for the exposion and then the final implosion! Get the rubber room ready!

  • nomorerimes

    Supposedly SleazeAnn's mom is so concerned she is calling her everyday to make sure she is okay! What a joke! IF she REALLY cared about her psycho daughter--she would get mental help for her and tell her to shut the hell up and stay off twitter.

  • Ragga

    Team Brandi!!

  • yoyogirl

    Sorry celebuzz, but this is no contest. Read any comments on any article about Leann - she is absolutely loathed. It's not just what she did, but the infinitely unclassy way in which she's conducted herself ever since. The WHOLE WORLD is team Brandi!!!

  • jacktomace

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  • Carolina Mora
  • guest

    celeb- BUST. why don't you report the truth..instead of false info from your so called 'sources'. LAAAAAAME.

  • gross

    This is what other sites are saying about your restraining order story: "However, a source close to LeAnn (aka the full-time fanfiction writer LeAnn hired to stretch Brandi's quote to fuckery proportions for maximum exposure) tells Celebuzz that Brandi regularly threatens to turn her into weave glue and LeAnn hasn't been this scared since one of her stepsons threw a rubber snake at her hooves." -dlisted

  • gross

    Note to Celebuzz:If Leann felt haunted or really thought that Brandi would cause her bodily harm, then please explain why Leann continues to tweet and set up staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids? A person who is that afraid isn’t going to continue to provoke the person they are afraid of. If Leann leaks a staged photo-op of her with Brandi’s kids today or anytime this week, then will you call Leann out for leaking false information to you?

  • gross

    Once again, when Celebuzz sees that 98% of the comments on it's article are in Brandi's favor, they start over and write another article on the same topic in hopes that the outcome will be different. Didn't you learn anything from when you pulled the same stunt with the "Brandi vs Leann's puppet(aka Guliana) articles? You wrote 3 different articles that time, how many are you going to write about Leann's so called restraining order? No matter how many times you repost this article with a different spin, the outcome is still going to be the same. Wow, an exclusive on the exclusive that Leann and her fan fed this site. Why am I not shocked? Could this possibly have something to do with the fact that Leann is gearing up to release another staged photo-op with Brandi’s kids today and X Factor has annouced that Demi and Britney (not Leann) are their new judges? So these negative stories that are being released today about Brandi is just Leann’s way of lashing out because she didn’t get the judging job and of course to counteract the backlash for setting up more staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids. Leann’s media attacks against Brandi are getting worse each and every week. What is Leann trying to accomplish by paying Celebuzz and ROL to write these negative stories about Brandi? Is Leann trying to take the boys away from Brandi? Get Brandi kicked off of RHOBH? Revenge because Brandi confronted Eddie about how Leann tips off the paps? Make it so the boys can’t be on Brandi’s show? Or is this simply a means for Leann to make it okay to set up staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids? Someone told Brandi that she needed to get a restraining order against Leann, and Brandi told them no because the boys loved Leann, but it looks like Brandi should have taken the advice because Leann is getting out of control. It’s sad to see that Leann is so desperate for Brandi’s life that she will do anything. Including leaking these false stories to Celebuzz.