Robert Pattinson Celebrates 26th Birthday With Sienna Miller (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson opted for a low key outing to celebrate his 26th birthday.

The scruffy Twilight star was dressed casually wearing a hoodie, hat and jeans as he joined friends at Claridge's restaurant in London on May 13. The birthday boy was joined by pregnant pal Sienna Miller and Les Miserable actor Hugh Jackman.

Noticeably missing was his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. Where was she?

Although Kristen is in London, the actress is busy promoting her latest flick, Snow White & The Huntsman. It's possible that the camera-shy actress may have slipped in the back to avoid the paparazzi.

Up next, Pattinson heads off the Cannes for the premiere of his new film Cosmopolis. The film is about a wealthy bad boy, Eric Packer (Pattinson), who tries to get a haircut in New York City. But as he’s on his way, he encounters obstacles which keep him from getting his trim.



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  • wtf

    She is very pregnant and the father is one of his best friends. So your comment is really gross and creepy. Have a little respect for these people - although honestly, it doesn't matter because they will never know you and/or care what you have to say.

  • Tee Stuart
    Tee Stuart

    damn brandy hate much #teamrobnkris

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    Hugh Jackman* not hugh grant

  • sarah

    How has this story been up all day and not been corrected to say Kristen was there when there is VIDEO of her there? Lazy blogger. Bad enough you didn't do your research before posting but to not correct it when you must know you were wrong by now is ridiculous.

  • Marcela

    He's not Hugh Grant. He's Hugh Jackman.

  • Ann

    You may have overlooked the small detail that her BODYGUARD is standing next to the "feet". Do you think he is suddenly guarding someone else? :)

  • Anonymous

    Sienna and rob should hook up

  • Elise

    'Hugh Grant' you mean Hugh Jackman? Fail.

  • Grab a clue
    Grab a clue

    The man walking next to those feet is Kristen's bodyguard. Do you think she just gave her bodyguard to another girl to borrow for the night?!?!

  • Brandy Nichole Comeau
    Brandy Nichole Comeau

    Oh just because you see feet behind someone in a picture you assume it is her?!??

  • Move on
    Move on

    Exactly WOW. Thank you! Some time these blog "writers" are so lazy and just copy from other blog posts. But they do what they do best by stirring the pot.

  • Cara

    Kristen was there as well as rob's family and even Kristen's bodyguard was there in the papz photos. Making the title of the article like above is cheap as if rob only partied with a pregnant Sienna Miller. Geez celebuzz... don't be stoop so low like tabloids.

  • twilight-lover

    happy birthday sexy man! i love u

  • WOW.

    SERIOUSLY? Go to Robsenation. There is an entirely extra set of photos you obviously did not bother to look at of Rob's dad, mom, sister, marcus, tom, Kristen's bodyguard, and KRISTEN. She wasn't absent. You just aren't doing your job. This is why only Taryn should be allowed to report on Rob and Kristen.