Rihanna's Many Topless Moments (PHOTOS)

Rihanna sure is never shy about her bod. From music videos to sexy Twitpics, the 24-year-old loves to bare her curves for fans everywhere.

Seeing how the sultry songstress recently debuted her nearly-nude "Where Have You Been" video (and posted its risque behind-the-scenes snapshots), we thought it would only be fitting to take a look back how many times she's ditched her top for the camera. Click through the gallery to see some of her sexiest topless moments!

However, Rihanna's exhibitionism hasn't always been a hit.

While filming for her "We Found Love" music video in Ireland, a topless RiRi got a good talking to from a local farmer, who said:

“The state of undress was becoming inappropriate. I had a conversation with Rihanna. I hope she understands where I’m coming from. We shook hands.”
What do you think of Rihanna's racy image? Is it too much for her young fans? Get in on the conversation, below.

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  • ilovetolickwomen

    what's with the censorship on the nipples we are adults why have the story if your not going to show the actual picture

  • courtneybaaaby

    angelique, they're not jelous, they're stating the obvious, they HAVE photoshopped her, especially photoshopped to make her tits bigger

  • paul

    It is a play on words

  • DEE

    Why are you giving Kim Kardashian a hard time Bey ounce she does have her own MONEY where did you get your's from....The girl may be working the fellows but she has a lot more class than you do....so did Rihanna...she was a child and that is the reason why you and your evil mother and sister destroyed her because she could sing better than your weak butt...Let's see you try that with Kim....You will never win.your evil mother has helped you get what you want and so do Kim mother ....I can't wait to see the out come....And I hope one of them take JAY_Z from you.......

  • DEE

    No she looks like a Pron Starrrrrrr.....She Need some help ASAP and Jay Z is using both of these young ladies up.....Some body should use up Blue.............She look as mean as he does,,,,50 cent had the right photo up......

  • DEE

    Child you look so tried, why not go home, you have been used up for a child your age....It wouldn't hurt you to find your spirit side...leave this life style... you are only upset and acting out...craving for some attention, because Bey- ounce had JAY Z'S BABY ....He doesn't want her either...in the end you will see...There is no honor among crooks.... She look bad tooooooooo,,

  • danielleakame

    someone needs her roots done!!!

  • Eddie

    No it is actually Photoshopped.

  • Emmett North Jr.
    Emmett North Jr.

    I was not into her much until i took a good look at her and found her simply gorgeous,she has beautiful legs, body and she can sing nd now i'm a fan! [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/27/27/Emmett & Barry White:Toronto Music Fest 90'-340_268.jpg[/img]

  • Angelique Zimmer
    Angelique Zimmer


  • Selma

    She is a gorgeous girl, but that wig needs to go!

  • shaw

    She is beautiful and her body is amazing!!!

  • lmw931

    and shes suppose to be a role model..... she might as well walk around naked that's all she appears to do.



  • Kayoo Wealthy
    Kayoo Wealthy

    OH YEH!!

  • Katie Grainger
    Katie Grainger

    Photoshopped much!! Her boobs aren't normally that big. Typical male magazine.

  • vitobonespur


  • atif

    sso much sexy...i wanna ssss.......

  • me

    BFD - she's titless and has huge thighs

  • Jeffrey Podsobinski
    Jeffrey Podsobinski

    just goes to prove, being rich dont take the ho out of ya.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    It's "lei'd" you idiot. SMH