Tour Riders: Celebrities' Biggest Hang-Ups Revealed — Who Demands A Doc to Administer B12 Shot? (INFOGRAPHIC)


The tour rider -- presented to promoters by traveling musical acts -- details an artist's wish list, from travel requirements to dressing room accommodations and meals.

Made famous by Van Halen’s contract call for the removal of all brown M&Ms from bowls of candy, the rider often reflects the delightful (Jay-Z's two bottles of Sassicaia red wine, priced at $422) or difficult (Jennifer Lopez prefers all-white decor; Mary J. Blige demands a fresh toilet seat) nature of our favorite musicians.

Celebuzz and our pals at Soda assembled a handy infographic that reveals some stars' biggest hang-ups. So just what does Katy Perry require while she's on tour?

To give you an idea: Katy Perry has a 45-page rider that demands, among other things: Two cream-colored chairs, valued at $1,830; one matching footstool (natch), valued at $235; and a glass-door refrigerator, for $1,200. Because, who wouldn't need all of that?

Have a look at some of the wacky, zany and diva-esque demands in our infographic below, then sound off: Which celebrity has the biggest hang-up?

Celebuzz Tour Rider Hang Ups Infographic

Celebuzz has partnered with Soda to publish infographics about entertainment topics. For more on Soda, visit its official website!



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