‘I Can’t Wait to Have More Kids’: Mario Lopez Opens Up About His Future (EXCLUSIVE)

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After experiencing fatherhood for just under two years, Mario Lopez tells Celebuzz he’s ready to extend his family.

“I want more kids,” the 37-year-old host of Extra revealed to us this week. “It’s the best thing in the world.”

“I can’t wait for more,” added Lopez, who welcomed his first child, Gia, with fiance Courtney Mazza, in September 2010.

So, when’s it going to happen?

“I’ll wait for the guests to leave our wedding party and get started right away!” he quipped. (Lopez is set to marry Mazza this winter.)

In the meantime, the former actor is busy promoting the paperback version of his cookbook, Extra Lean Family.

“It teaches people how to embrace food because I don’t believe in diets,” he explained. “I love to eat and this book encourages you how to get the family off on the right foot. It’s never too early to learn the importance of a good healthy meal.”

Mario, of course, has been in the business for years, appearing on everything from Saved by the Bell to Dancing With the Stars. These days, fans can catch Mario interviewing celebrities on the hit entertainment news program Extra.

Ironically enough, even though he’s interviewed hundreds of famous faces, Mario says he doesn’t actually have a favorite celebrity.

“There ares so many that are really cool. The bigger the star, the cooler and more down to earth they are.”

Still, Mario did save room to gush about a recent favorite: Rihanna, whom he met on the Battleship red carpet. While there, he found out that the feeling was mutual.

“It made me an even bigger fan of hers,” he confesses. “But she was so down to earth and sweet.”

Now that he’s danced with the stars, hosted a TV show and become buddy-buddy with Rihanna, is there anything left that Mario wants to do?

“I’ve got a lot of stuff I still want to achieve, but there could be political aspirations in the future,” he said, earnestly.

Mario says he doesn’t consider himself a Republican or Democrat, “I don’t want to alienate anyone, they all watch T.V!” but is a registered Independent.

That’s all well and fine — just don’t ask the registered Independent if he leans to the Left or Right.

“I don’t want to alienate anyone,” he quipped. “They all watch TV!”

Spoken like a true politician!

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