Karmin Talks New Album, Dream Collaboration & Wedding Plans! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

It’s been quite the year for cover song singing duo, Karmin!

After their cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” went viral on YouTube (it has over 65 million views!), the world took notice of this musical couple, otherwise known as Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. Since then, they’ve performed on Ellen, won an American Music Award for new media, rocked Saturday Night Live, and of course, released their very first album, Hello.

Celebuzz caught up with the duo, and talked to them about “living the YouTube dream,” what they have in the works for their wedding (live streaming, anyone?) and who they’re dying to work with.

So, who would they like to get in the studio?

Kanye West! Nick told us:

“Kanye sits on the top for us as far as both musical, and we just love his stuff.” Amy added, “Nick loves Coldplay. I do too, but I think that would be really fun because he does lots of production and it could be a really fun collaboration.”

When we asked about what inspiration was behind their album, Nick said “a lot of it was kind of like driving music. We’ve been in the car a lot lately since we moved to LA, so a lot was like, what’s going to sound good in the car?”

Amy added, “And what can you groove out to in the club, additionally. There was a lot of thought that went into it we were like, this needs to be a fun album. We covered subjects like life, love, determination, it’s very positive, I would say. And there’s a lot of rapping. So those were the things we knew had to be in it, and then what came by the end of it was Karmin, Hello.”

Take a listen to their first single from Hello titled “Brokenhearted,” below:

The two are engaged, but their wedding has taken a bit of a backseat to their booming music career:

“We didn’t want to take an entire week off and skip some of these life-changing opportunities. We realized that we want a bigger wedding where our fans can maybe be involved. We’re brainstorming ways we can make it more of a public thing.” Nick then quipped, “Maybe like UStream it or something? Has anyone UStreamed a wedding before?”

We think that sounds like a great idea!

For even more, watch the video above, and make sure you pick up Karmin’s debut album, Hello, in stores now!

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