Kristen Stewart on Doing ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ With Robert Pattinson: I Think We’re a Good Team (EXCLUSIVE)

Celebuzz has been with the entire cast of Snow White and the Huntsman for the past few days in London, England, for the big world premiere! During our sit down with star Kristen Stewart, who plays Snow White, we started talking about another phenomenon… Fifty Shades of Grey.

The sexy novel — that has been acquired by Universal Studios in a movie deal — was based off of her and boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan from the Twilight novels. Knowing this, could Kristen ever see her and Rob starring in Fifty Shades?

Kristen told us about her hopes to work with Rob again:

“I haven’t read the book yet– so I don’t know,” she said when asked if she could picture herself and Rob playing these roles.

In case you don’t know about Fifty Shades of Grey, Anastasia Steele (based off of Stewart’s character) is a student who falls for Christian Grey, a 27-year-old gorgeous rich entrepreneur who introduces her into his erotic world of S&M. Although Kristen couldn’t say one way or the other about taking on the role, she was clear she wants to work with Pattinson, 26, again.

“I’m dying to make another movie with Rob, I think that we’re a good team,” Kristen added. “I think whatever it is needs to be so ridiculously ambitious. So maybe! I just haven’t read it, so I don’t know what it is, but I would love to work with him again.”

That’s not all Kristen talked with us about…

Currently, Stewart is starring in Snow White and the Huntsman (out June 1) — and in this version of Snow White her character doesn’t need a man to feel powerful. Celebuzz asked Kristen if she thought society places too much pressure on women needing to be in relationships to be happy:

“I think that girls place too much importance on that. I think that also that’s a natural instinct, i don’t think that it’s too much of a problem. I think, what I like about this, it’s super on trend right now to have strong girl power movies. I think it’s cool [Snow White] feels like such a girl, yet she’s super strong. The whole guy situation– it’s a war movie. Things are happening way too fast to even consider a love triangle. Everyone thinks, ‘What’s happening with the Prince, Hutsman, and Snow White? It’s like, are you kidding me? We’re all at war! It doesn’t matter right now.”

Watch the video above for much more from Kristen! She tells us when she feels most beautiful, powerful, and much more!