Lindsay Lohan Pokes Fun at Her Bad Reputation on ‘Glee’ (VIDEO)

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Hoping for a real comeback, Lindsay Lohan made her big appearance on Glee Tuesday night, and let the jokes roll on about her infamous party girl reputation.

Sitting on the judging panel of the National Show Choir Competitions alongside blogger Perez Hilton and Entourage star Rex Lee, the 25-year-old actress was introduced as “America’s sweetheart.”

She looked glamorous for her stint on the show in a patterned dress and red patent pumps, even joking about her past. At one point, she turns to the celeb blogger, saying: “Oh my god, seriously? Did you just blog about me during that last appearance?!”

The jokes didn’t stop there.

During the show, LiLo was described as a “twelve-time Teen Choice Award nominee,” to which Lindsay responded: “That’s right. I was robbed for Freaky Friday.”

Perhaps one of the more amusing lines of the night came as she threw a diva stop, saying, “‘What, his thing isn’t even televised? I’m in full image re-branding mode here, people.”

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