'American Idol': Who Will Be in the Season 11 Finals? (POLL)

American Idol season 11 finalists

Tonight, American Idol will go from three contestants to two, as the show gets ready to crown its 11th -- yes, 11th! -- winner, next Thursday.

In what will likely go down as the tightest elimination in the history of the show, America will reveal who they want to see in the coveted finale after Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez gave it their all during Wednesday's performance night episode.

But just who will make it to the final round?

This morning, Celebuzz is polling its readers to predict the season 11 final two. Will we see a male-female battle between Jessica and Joshua, or Jessica and Phillip? Or will it be another all-male finale -- the first since season 8?

Relive some of the performances from last night, then cast your vote in our poll!

American Idol airs tonight at 8PM ET, and will feature performances by Lisa Marie Presley and former Idol contestant Adam Lambert. (Read our interview with Lambert here.)

Joshua Ledet - 'I'd Rather Go Blind'

Phillip Phillips - 'We've Got Tonight'

Jessica Sanchez - 'I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing'



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  • Trey

    The judges push for Joshua so hard that is makes me sick! IT WILL BACKFIRE ON THEM TONIGHT

  • Laurie Havens
    Laurie Havens

    Alex, agree with you 100%. We do like Joshua and the judges, but something is just ridiculously off. How many amazing singers have they plowed through the past 2 years, only to make Joshua their "best singer ever" on Idol? Don't tell that to Jacob Lusk from last season. Joshua is a fine singer, but enough already!!

  • Marge

    Alex, you hit the nail right on the head. I agree with you 100%,

  • Miryam Caballero Mercado
    Miryam Caballero Mercado

    Jessica for the win. Clearly the best singer to ever grace the AI stage!

  • Alex

    The judges are sooo shamelessly biased for Joshua for so many weeks now and given him Standing Os even mediocre renditions. He sang Imagine which was obviously all over the place, yet gave glowing reviews, where is their integrity? This will surely backfire on them. JLo gave Jessica a very hard song which she herself can't even sing, yet she gave her usual short sentence review. Jimmy threw Jessica under the bus with his song choice. I am rooting for Phillip and Jessica! At least they are doing things on their own without extra favors from the mighty judges.

  • Ingrid Braz
    Ingrid Braz

    Phillip ana Jessica! That`s gonna be hard :/ Just love them both!