Look Out! LeAnn Rimes Has Got a Gun! (PHOTOS)

Lest you forget that LeAnn Rimes is a country crooner, she reminded her Twitter followers of her Southern roots when she posted pics of herself at the gun range on Thursday.

Eddie Cibrian's wife, 29, shot a M4 gun and captioned one her pics with the simple explanation: "Bang Bang."

We couldn't help but wonder what 29-year-old LeAnn's arch rival Brandi Glanville -- the ex-wife of her husband Eddie Cibrian -- will think of these images, especially given she threatened to "kill" the singer in an interview last week.

Brandi later tried to defuse the controversial statements, telling E!, “Every mother has those protective mother-bear feelings, but I obviously didn’t want to kill her. It was a figure of speech.”

What do you think? Will LeAnn and Brandi ever get along?

Watch LeAnn work out in heels here:

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  • gigi

    thanks for the fun eddie c u tomorrow nite!

  • Pam

    She is a narcissist, a bully and a stalker who has lost it. The leeches she calls "friends" "band" and "family" are to blame when she turns violent.

  • gross

    Is Leann wearing make-up and a dress in these photos of herself at the shooting range? Isn't that the same dress she wore to her stepsons soccer game for her anniversary? That isn't normal right? Do people normally put on a face full of make-up and wear wedding style dresses to a shooting range? So then Leann posted these photos with the intent of them becoming headlines, but once again what Leann didn't anticipate was the backlash because she surrounds herself with too many yes-people who tell Leann exactly what she wants to hear so that they can get money and gifts from her.

  • gross

    Leann and her fan feed you "exclusive" (aka negative stories) about Brandi and then you have the audacity to ask if Leann and Brandi are ever going to get along? Perhaps if you called Leann out for how she uses ROL, this site, and her twitter as a weapon against Brandi, then things might be different. You are still selling the story about how Brandi threatened to kill Leann despite the fact that the story came from ROL, a site that has known ties to Leann Rimes. Didn't we say that Leann's behavior was going to get worse towards Brandi?

  • nomorerimes

    It's time for someone --publicist, agent, family member or friend--to do something to help this sick person. She definitely needs some sort of intervention to stop her from possibly doing harm to someone! PLEASE someone do something before it's too late!!! She definitely needs help!

  • Linlu

    boy--who needs a restraining order now?? My guess is Brandi. Reallll smart, LR showing how unstable you really are.

  • nomorerimes

    Is this whole staged thing a warning to Eddie if he is thinking of leaving or a warning to Brandi to show what a "BAD" girl SleazeAnn is?

  • Lindar

    OOOOH! I am so impressed. But honestly I didn't think they allowed deranged people to handle guns! It's a wonder she knows which end to put up to her shoulder. What a skank!