Miley Cyrus Shows Off Thin Frame in High-Waisted Shorts, See Her Body Evolution (PHOTOS)

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Looks like Miley Cyrus is keeping up with her pilates routine!

The 19-year-old "Can't Be Tamed" singer was spotted out and about in Miami, FL on Thursday, and looked skinny in a pair of high-waisted shorts, along with a teeny black tube top. While Miley has always had a great figure, it seems as though she's been losing more and more weight thanks to her gluten free diet, and daily pilates exercises.

Though Miley has been living a healthy lifestyle, it seems like there's one piece that she's been missing lately.

Miley tweeted:

Maybe she's missing her BF Liam Hemsworth?

Regardless, you should check out Miley's drastic body evolution by clicking through the gallery!



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  • Brad

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  • indian

    to dance u just gave a lecture for your own race(probabily) n then sent haha to whatev for another racist comment. you too are pathetic. morons.

  • jackieallure

    Looks great here. Then it went downhill.

  • jackieallure

    I bet she thinks being super skinny is hot, and that she looks fine. No doubt has to do with wanting to look good for Liam, but does she know that she looks YOUNGER now? And that her hair looks DEAD vs. soft and flowy like it used to? Shocker. Maybe she should focus on eating well, exercising and realizing gluten free is just an excuse for 'skinny'.

  • Waffles512

    I wish I had her body GRRRRR so jealous!

  • Waffles512

    I am so jealous of her body *sigh*

  • Waffles512

    I wish I looked like her. I exercise so much and eat very healthy like very and yet I still can't seem to slim down as much as her *sigh* she is very pretty :)

  • allegra

    she isn't too thin, she's happy with her own body leave her alone.

  • regentroy

    Her boobs just want their FREEDOM. I'd like see a lot more of them and her bod before gravity gets a good hold on them.

  • Kacy Polk
    Kacy Polk

    That's the second date you people have screwed up. Are you people all complete idiots or do you just act like idiots on occasion?

  • Alejandra Florez Franco
    Alejandra Florez Franco

    Really Beautiful

  • juju

    oh my god she looks super skinny !!!!! and not healthy at all

  • Moi

    Huh? I love her outfit!

  • cc

    she looked great here her leeegs wow

  • mileyismylife

    Miley is the definition of perfect! and i simply adore her outfit, it's super cute :)

  • Mike

    Very Hot.

  • davenport

    She looks great, the only thing she needs to eat is my c*#K

  • me

    She looks too skinny in some of those pictures its kind of gross.

  • tin2x

    most asians are thin like her ! but it doesnt mean its anorexic ! she looks very fine! love her top!hehhe love u miles

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    head looks disproportionate to her body,she looked better before

  • daNCE

    Katie, i think i love you. great comeback! :D

  • Maribel Tejedor
    Maribel Tejedor

    se ve terrible, no entiendo como hay niñas que dicen que se ve linda, eso no es ser lindo, se ve muy mal de salud.

  • KC

    sorry we are not to September yet it's only May, wrong month listed.

  • mileyismylife

    She looks beautiful, as always.<3

  • Katie

    I'm this skinny? Does this mean that I'm ugly? Or that I'm anorexic? She just can't get it right, can she? She's too skinny, she's too overweight. Don't you see what people did to Britney Spears? Don't do that to Miley. She is healthy and she has health issues, so no, she can't eat a cheeseburger. Leave her alone. She feels healthy, she looks healthy. She is not too skinny. She is beautiful. And calling anyone 'terrible' just makes you seem rude.

  • cc

    she is not scary skinny BUT she is very skinny almost looks like a lollipop In my opinion she looked better before, she didn't need to lose weight may be just get fit

  • 555

    I'm a big fan of hers, but she does NOT look healthy i this picture, she looks scary skinny.

  • lexi

    i don't think she is anerexic, she is thin though, she is fit, but should put on like 5 pounds to fill her out more, but she looks good

  • Kristie Eskelson Reid
    Kristie Eskelson Reid

    I think miley looks great in this pic........some of the other ones she is to thin....most weman don't understand when you get really thin your head look's to big for your frame and you look freakish.................................... I feel it's a very ugly look...

  • TheListener

    She's slim, but not anorexic looking. Good for her.

  • Patricia Cornish
    Patricia Cornish

    She looks great....!! Good for her..!!

  • Lenka

    Are you blind?

  • Dee

    Dear "Eat a Cheeseburger" - She looks fine! She is a fit girl, and the cut of the outfit shows off the size. I don't think anybody has the end goal to look like human skeleton. When you eat healthy, and stay active looking skinny is just a side effect, along with living longer and feeling better. Weird how that works..

  • Mo

    She looks terrible. She was beautiful before. Celebs have it wrong thinking that thinner is what makes a woman beautiful. All these young girls seeing her turn into the human skeleton get the idea its okay to see your collar bone, rib bones, and every other bone there is. That is disgusting. Give the girl a cheeseburger!