Readers React: Is Justin Bieber A Bad Role Model?

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According to famed attorney and New York Times best-selling author Lisa Bloom, Justin Bieber is setting a bad example for his fans by saying school wasn’t a priority for him and that he only graduated to appease his mother in a recent interview.

“Celebrities have a responsibility to be role models for their millions and millions of fans,” Lisa says “When he says something like that, it creates a terrible example for young people.”

Our Facebook page is blowing up with fans who have some surprising support — for Lisa!

We asked…is the Biebs a good role model? Here’s what some of our readers had to say:

Ross McIntosh He aint the best to be honest..

Dhanu Parwito No way!

Stephani Mueller Young people say dumb s***

Whitney Barnett His little carrier now won’t last. So he should care about it!

Donna M Canales He’s a good kid but should Definitely monitor what if says esp when u think about how many kids out there hang on his every word and basically take it as gospel…

Others don’t feel that graduating high school isn’t that important. You want fries with that?!?

Badly Drawn Dobs ‎5 Words: Leave The Boy Alone!

Haley Myers if someone had that much money and talent and said they really cared THAT much about graduating high school then i’d think they were full of bulls***. YES I THINK JUSTIN IS A PERF ROLE MODEL. He follows his dreams and doesnt care about the irreleven stuff (like graduating high school)

Jillian Leigh Everett SHUT UP all you guys and gals are haters cuz he get more girls and guys even like him that you will EVER get…. I don’t see you signing autographs, having millions of fans drule over you ugh no so how about all you shut up

Mandy Persico O god come on i wouldnt care about graduating high school either but if justin doesnt care that doesnt make him a bad role model just cuz he doesnt care about graduating that doesnt mean u shouldnt care

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