Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Split? Fake Tweet Fuels Breakup Rumors

Reports are circulating around the web that teen King and Queen, Justin Bieber, 18, and Selena Gomez, 19, have broken up, and it all started with a tweet that has since been removed.

Bieber posted on Twitter:

"thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now..."
Is this it for Jelena?

Gomez and Bieber have been dating for about a year and a half, and haven't been shy in showing their affection for one another. However, their schedules are quite hectic and the "Boyfriend" singer is gearing up for a new album and tour.

What do you think? Did Justin and Selena break up? State your case in the comments.



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  • erika

    ja si mislim ze sa ku sebe hodia

  • mirka

    selena je obicajna ale justin nie ani sa gu sebe nehodia

  • Kristiann Allen
    Kristiann Allen

    they dont have kids this was for charity duhh selena dosent have kids

  • Kristiann Allen
    Kristiann Allen

    that is not Selena look at her hair it is purple that is not Selena

  • selena

    l lov y jb

  • Gianna

    Kissing on tv while Justin is holding a snake funny

  • Gianna

    Justin BIEBER is not whereing a top I love Justin BIEBER !!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gianna

    Kissing in public on a sidewalk interesting

  • Gianna

    Laying in a pool about to kiss amazing

  • Gianna

    So cutie

  • Gianna

    They are so cuite together

  • Ashantee

    Who's the dude touching selena's shoulder...

  • mel lowry
    mel lowry

    gay? the writer doth protesteth too much

  • April ViVier
    April ViVier

    World Peace or Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Nice to know where your priorities are seeing as how you know them.

  • aunnie98

    I think it is fake.

  • a.

    I agree sick of hearing this gomez/bieber crap (good or bad)

  • Jodie-leigh Barber
    Jodie-leigh Barber

    i love u justin <3

  • Jodie-leigh Barber
    Jodie-leigh Barber

    i think it is sad they are good together justin did u do that tweet

  • E'llah Sidonee Brown
    E'llah Sidonee Brown

    OKAY im sick of this shit SELENA and JUSTIN are still going out all the shit about them breaking up is a rumor so get over it !!!!!!!!!

  • Sanaa Dhingra
    Sanaa Dhingra

    nop jb is not a gay it is just a rumor

  • unitedbiskets

    Bieber always uses correct spelling and capitalization. It wasn't written by him.

  • name


  • none

    i think they should break up because she deserves someone better but ig who ever makes her happy is him >:p

  • Katie Boo
    Katie Boo

    I don't think they did I think it's all FAKKEEEE!!!

  • sunny smith
    sunny smith

    who cares?

  • Jessika Alvarez
    Jessika Alvarez

    I don't believe it's true. There's no proof that they did. Neither one of them are making any comments about it or haven't heard about the rumors yet. Anyway, I hope they don't break up I love them both. They are the only "Hollywood couple" to actually show their affection for one another in public and they don't care what people think about it. I like that about them. Stay Strong Justin and Selena!! Love you both!!<3<3:):)

  • Melanie Derwin Davis
    Melanie Derwin Davis

    guys pls don't judge , they are both cute.....i luv their relationship..........i pray they don't split.

  • Melanie Derwin Davis
    Melanie Derwin Davis

    pls guys dont judge any, never can tell.............i pray they don't break up,i luv them so much........cutest couple ever

  • javi

    i saw in another website that they talk with justin's rep and they say that he didn't twit the comment that it was fake. i don't know I'm not an expert but in my opinion they should break up. why? because selena would be more relaxed and start making more movies instead of worrying about how many times she's going to babysit justin. plus the kid is gay anyway. there's nothing wrong with it but i think the kid is a butt pirate.

  • wtf

    his foot looks bigger then his body

  • kathy

    Well, i guess its a miracle, considering nobody else did, Maybe your twitter was the only one working in the world at the time.. lol

  • Chasity

    His tour is coming up. Helps ticket sales if he's single, maybe?

  • beca

    no it isnt i actually saw it on his twitter FOR REAL!!

  • Sarah

    It was a photoshopped thing. he didnt tweet that.

  • bell

    they were never gonna last anyways