‘Magic Mike’ Drops Second Trailer — More Skin, More Dance Moves & More Thongs! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

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Joe Talks 'Magic Mike'
Manganiello spills on sexy role
It’s raining (even more) men!

About a month ago, we finally got a first look at Magic Mike’s trailer, and now, we’re getting an even better glimpse into the world of male stripping as brought to life by Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, and crew. Loosely based on 32-year-old Channing’s past as a male stripper, Magic Mike (directed by Oscar-winning Steven Soderbergh), in the second trailer for the film, we get to see more skin, more dance moves and most importantly — more thongs!

We’re so in love with this trailer that we not only are providing the video for you, but we broke down the sexiest, most magic-al moments in photo form as well.

From Matt Bomer as a living Ken doll, to Joe Manganiello as a firefighter that gets us all hot and bothered, check out the trailer below (don’t feel bad if you watch it more than once!), then click through the gallery to see the hottest moments.

Who do you think makes the best stripper? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to see Magic Mike when it hits theaters on June 29.