Readers Respond: Jenny McCarthey Is Not Too Old for Playboy (PHOTOS)

Jenny's Pregnancy Pic!
Jenny McCarthy posts shocking pic of 211 lb pregnancy.
Celebuzz viewers have spoken, and they’re looking forward to Jenny McCarthy posing for Playboy before she turns 40 in November.

While at NBC upfronts this week, the Singled Out star, 39, revealed to E! that she’ll be posing once again for the girly magazine, and she’ll go nude.

We asked our readers if they thought it appropriate for the nearly 40-year-old mother to pose for the sexy publication, and they were all for it!

Comments included:

Karyn DeGolyer Moore- why the hell not if I looked like here I would, she looks amazing for any age!!

Jo C.- She’s hotter now than ever before!!!! GO FOR IT & WORK IT MAMA!!!

Catherine Francine Pelletier- She’s not 14, for pete’s sake. Age appropriate should not be an issue, here.

Joe Cusumano- I will buy that Issue.

Kimberly Bronson- Kudos to her!! Age is just a number and ours to own!!!

Lance Green- Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Melissa Sutherlin - Hell yeah she should…Jenny looks good!

What do you think? Do you support Jenny’s choice to pose for Playboy again? State your case in the comments, and click the pics to see some of the funny lady’s sexiest PB covers through the years.