Rihanna's Midriff-Baring Outfit: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS/POLL)


Rihanna has lately become known for pushing the fashion envelope, but did the 24-year-old singer go too far with this outfit?

On Thursday, the "What's My Name?" beauty was seen leaving Los Angeles' famed Giorgio Baldi restaurant in a revealing two-piece crochet ensemble, that showed off her tattooed-up midriff.

What else did she wear?

To complete the look, Rihanna donned a strapless top and a pair of heels.

Granted, Rihanna -- who has been showing off a lot of skin lately (see below) deserved a fun night out on the town; she's been busy traveling all over the world to promote her new movie, Battleship, in theaters today. But we're not sure if this outfit quite cuts it.

What do you think? Check it out in the photo above, then cast your vote in our poll, below!

Rihanna's Battleship outfit-- what do you think?

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  • nope

    nobody fucking cares and this website is what is wrong with society. get a life.

  • Brandon

    Why the hell is the world turning so conservative? What does it matter if someone above the age of legal adulthood shows a little skin. She's not in a kid's movie, calm your schtuff, CB.

  • Who.Cares.

    Who. Cares.

  • jeremy

    Psh. There's nothing wrong with this outfit at all. Get a life, seriously. Who the hell do you think you are.

  • D.J.

    We know that we're all just sayin this cuz it's Rihanna. If it was anyone else it would be like, "aww cute!" It's not that revealing if you look at other peoples outfits. Even Selena Gomez wore something like this to the Kids Choice Awards. Her skirt was shorter than Rihannas.

  • Lysette

    Beach, yes. ANY restaurant but especially Georgio Bladi, no! It's classless and disrespectful.

  • loadsalogic

    LOL. sorry celebuzz,u got owned on twitter. just as you deserve. i mean this outfit ain't all that bad. anything to get people talking about yous eh? congrats. as riri said,yous too dry! LOL

  • Rehtaeh

    It looks like she cut up a tablecloth and wore it outside. I'm sorry, but that thing's ugly.

  • debbiecakes5

    What rihanna replied on twitter made me laugh. This outfit's not even revealing so... ?! Oh hey follow me on twitter debbiecakes5! Lol

  • Austin

    Honestly, this outfit isn't really that bad. She isn't even showing any cleavage...

  • Victoria

    Rihanna owned u on twitter lmao!!

  • =_=

    you mean midriff BARING

  • Melissa

    Oh god I've seen rihanna's belly and ankles, i don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight.

  • ugh

    i'm just here because i saw that rihanna burned you on twitter. she looks fantastic, do you guys follow fashion trends at all, or...?

  • Brit

    She's bad as fuck, if this was a Kardashian celebuzz would have loved it.... Rihanna is flawless!

  • Kadia Blagrove
    Kadia Blagrove

    OH NO! NOT HER MIDRIFF!! INDECENT EXPOSURE! What's next Rih Rih? Your ankles?!

  • De Anza
    De Anza

    grown and beautiful. nobody's gonna stop that, so get used to it. relax :)

  • jannahaze

    the hell? i was expecting her to be naked. like actually naked. this outfit is great.

  • bev1314

    ooooh you got her mad on twitter lol. This outfits not that bad

  • Nicole Bell
    Nicole Bell

    Seriously. Maybe you guys should class up report on something worth reading. She looks fine she's 24 years old. Unless your going to go through her closet and pick out what she's going to where for the week ...shut the fuck up

  • Salah Hemida
    Salah Hemida

    She's beautiful .

  • meli

    Who cares? She's grown! Did y'all write a blog about Selena Gomez when she did it at the Teen Choice Awards? Cause she wore the same exact thing

  • Lauren

    She's a grown-ass woman and can wear whatever the hell she wants.

  • Niko

    Who cares? She's 24, a grown woman. She does what she pleases, end of story.

  • Niko

    Why do people care so much? She's 24, a grown woman. She does what she pleases, end of story.

  • Katrina

    Sounds like y'all have some major haterade in the water coolers... that bitch looks DAMN good, check out your guts and wonder if you're just mad you can't wear. Shit I know I am! BOOM! Get it RIRI!

  • nells

    rhi rhi is the baddest bitch

  • riritalksmytalk

    I'm loving my bitches outfit! They hate way too Much!

  • Joanna

    This outfit is not bad...CB ya'll are being very extra! I honestly think that Rihanna looked nice!

  • magic

    love this!