Snooki: Her Best Pregnancy Quotes (PHOTOS)

Jessica's Preggo Quotes
Jessica's memorable quotes about being pregnant
If there’s one thing the pickle-loving Snooki is known for, it has to be her humorous outlook on life. She’s not taking it that seriously, except when she is.

She definitely seems to be approaching her pregnancy with care, telling Celebuzz she has no desire to go clubbing and isn’t sure about living in the Jersey Shore house because it’s not a place for babies. Yet, she’s equally lighthearted about the whole thing, spouting off quip after quip about being a mom-to-be.

Celebuzz compiled some of her best comments in our best Snooki pregnancy quotes gallery!

With gems like “I can wait to be a MILF,” we love her triumphant attitude.

Some doubted her ability, at only 25, to take on the role of motherhood because the Jersey Shore party girl is known for her wild side. What we’ve seen so far is a change in her attitude and actions. With the whole world watching, the pint size gal with the big personality is kind of melting our hearts.

Click through the gallery to see her best pregnancy quotes!

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