‘Cell Phone Died. Just Used An Actual Pay Phone!’ Who Said That?! Plus, The Week’s Top 10 Quotes (PHOTOS)

“Cell phone died. Just used an actual pay phone. Yes, they still exist.”

Which Hollywood hottie had to resort to gathering some change to use a pay phone after her cell died?

Was it Charlize Theron? Jessica Biel or Kristen Stewart?

Click after the jump to find out who the savvy starlet was — along with Celebuzz’s Top 10 Celebrity Quotes of the week.

Drumroll, please.

It was the newly engaged Jessica Biel! The 30-year-old actress found herself a little lost when her cell phone ran out of juice but she was able to resort to an old school resource —  a pay phone to make a call.

“Still can’t get over pay phone experience! I found one, it worked, I had change, I knew the number and they picked up- There is a God,” she Tweeted to her fans after her little dilemma.

Who do you think she called to come to her rescue? Our guess is her fiancé Justin Timberlake!

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