‘Community’ Showrunner Dan Harmon Not Returning For Next Season

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Sad news for fans of NBC’s fan favorite comedy Community — the show’s creator Dan Harmon will not be part of developing the next season.

TMZ reports that Sony Pictures television has decided not to renew his contract, after he butted heads with the studio for quite some time. Not to mention, there is the definite possibility his feud with Chevy Chase, who stars on the NBC show, has something to do with the departure.

This news comes after a bit of uncertainty surrounding the shows future.

Though it was unsure for a while, NBC finally renewed Community, about a band of misfit friends who attend community college, for a fourth season. However, it only received a 13-episode order, and was moved from the desirable Thursday night line up to Friday nights.

No doubt, the tension between Dan and Chevy more than likely had a little something to do with this. Last month, Dan revealed an audio recording of Chevy ranting at him, calling him a “fat f–k,” and telling him he was a bad, “unfunny” writer.

Dan sounded off on his blog, and wrote:

“You may have read that I am technically ‘signed on,’ by default, to be an executive consulting something or other – which is a relatively standard protective clause for a creator in my position. Guys like me can’t actually just be shot and left in a ditch by Skynet, we’re still allowed to have a title on the things we create and “help out,” like, I guess sharpening pencils and stuff.

However, if I actually chose to go to the office, I wouldn’t have any power there. Nobody would have to do anything I said, ever. I would be “offering” thoughts on other people’s scripts, not allowed to rewrite them, not allowed to ask anyone else to rewrite them, not allowed to say whether a single joke was funny or go near the edit bay, etc. It’s….not really the way the previous episodes got done. I was what you might call a….hands on producer. Are my….periods giving this enough….pointedness? I’m not saying you can’t make a good version of Community without me, but I am definitely saying that you can’t make my version of it unless I have the option of saying ‘it has to be like this or I quit’ roughly 8 times a day.”

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