The Week in Celeb Twitpics (PHOTOS)

Who's that Girl?
Taylor Swift's Baby Photo

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More and more celebs have taken to Twitter to capture the little things in their lives. From Demi Lovato tweeting about her X Factor announcement to the Glee cast hitting the Fox UpFronts, tech-savvy celebrities are using the social network to get their message out there.

This week, a country cutie took a blast from the past and shared a childhood snapshot in honor of Mother's Day. Can you guess who? Launch the gallery to find out!

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  • Lorena

    Hello Mia! I haven't visited in too long. I've been cnachitg up and everything looks truly so beautiful over here. I especially love your photos (from this and the earlier post) of your friends' homes. Happy weekend to you!

  • Seymur

    COOL shot! She's a ROCK STAR!!! Mia got the same guitar for her bdhtriay, and she still loves's a hit at our playdates :)Those concert shots are phenomenal!!!Here's our little Happy Monday :)


    How could you leave everybody loves you and you don't want to reck that do you . You have to say at least your music has to bauecse that is pretty much all I like about you but anyways you have to stay or me and my mom will be very sad. You don't want to make somebody sad do you. I know that I wouldn't you are like some other kids who don't go trick or treeting and they just leave it all behind and then they are always angry. If you just leave your music behind then you will be all angry and you do not want that do you. Again I know that I wouldn't. Come on you have to stay and make everybody happy come on you should have the corage to do that shouldn't you if you don't then you are just a hole on my heart. So come on have some corage in you. Stay at least like one or two more years pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase stay for me I was your biggest fan. Now I am only your biggest music fan so come on just stay you know you want to.

  • Sally

    This picture is from several years ago. Cory Monteith tweeted it to compare with Chris's most recent birthday pictures where he dressed up as, naturally enough, a pirate ninja on roller skates.

  • psychosis13

    She's soooo lucky! >_<

  • mileyismylife

    Miley is so perfect, she looks so gorgeous.

  • dubbitybomb

    ahhh.. way too weird. he still looks good tho

  • dubbitybomb

    they legit look like they're in love. ha

  • SearsJulio

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  • hihu

    she's sexy as fuck!

  • mileyismylife

    She is the biggest babe!

  • Aca

    She's like a completely different person with blonde hair

  • jj92

    she looks lovely :)