'He's the Most Grounded Guy I've Met': Dina Eastwood on Husband Clint, New Reality Series (EXCLUSIVE)

E! channel upfront presentation in NYC
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A former anchorwoman, Dina Eastwood returns to the small screen this evening in the new E! reality series Mrs. Eastwood & Company.

But if you think the show will actually feature her four-time Oscar-winning husband, Clint Eastwood, doing laundry in the house, think again. Actually, Mrs. Eastwood & Company chronicles Dina's efforts to launch the South African boy band The Overtones.

Still, while Clint won't be seen all that much on the show, Dina says you can still catch the Dirty Harry star in person -- if you stop by the Safeway in Carmel, Calif., that is.

Read on to find out why Clint is so "grounded" ...

"He’ll be there getting groceries," she told Celebuzz. "Or go to the feed store, because he’ll be buying the hay and the animal food."

"He’s the most grounded guy I ever met," she added. "We drive beat up cars; we shop at Marshalls.”

As Dina tells Celebuzz, the idea for the show came about three years ago, when she and Clint traveled to South Africa to film the Oscar-nominated movie Invictus. She stumbled across the band, fell in love with their sound and decided to become their manager.

“Next thing I know, I moved the band over and said, ‘Let’s give this a shot,” she recalled. “My friend and I videotaped everything they did. In the first week, that entailed a car accident, an ER room visit by me with stitches all over my foot and a big, famous manager telling us that he was taking us under his wing as a client."

"And I had it all taped!" she added.

Mrs. Eastwood & Company premieres tonight at 10/9 C on E!

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