Kristen Wiig Leaves ‘Saturday Night Live’ After 7 Years, See Her Best Characters (VIDEOS)

It was the end of an era on this season’s Saturday Night Live finale as major player Kristen Wiig said her final farewell after a seven-year run. Although no official announcement was made prior to Saturday’s taping, the episode’s tearful ending was enough to confirm that Kristen had indeed made her last appearance on the show.

Serenaded by The Arcade Fire, the 38-year-old Bridesmaid star waltzed with host Mick Jagger and fellow castmates before embracing SNL head honcho Lorne Michaels. As the credits rolled, a teary-eyed Kristen was joined by former players Amy Poehler, Chris Kattan, and Chris Parnell as she celebrated her departure onstage.

Kristen’s exit marks the retirement of many SNL’s most cherished characters. Who won’t be gracing the screen again come fall? Celebuzz is taking a look back at Wiig’s best characters.

Gilly: One thing’s for sure, this little curly-haired rascal won’t be getting into the trouble anymore.

The Target Lady: She’s hung up her name tag for good this time.

Penelope: The annoying neighbor who’s trying to out-do everyone finally got the last word.

Judice Lennon: Sadly, the Lennon sisters of the Lawrence Welk Show won’t be a quartet anymore as their tiny-handed singing sibling leaves the show for good.

“Babe” in Two A-Holes: With Kristen gone and Jason Sudeikis rumored to leave SNL after the summer, everyone’s favorite obnoxious, gum-smacking yuppies won’t be returning to the show any time soon.

Aunt Linda: It’s official, an Aunt Linda and Amy Poehler reunion isn’t happening. The beloved part-time movie critic, full-time aunt disappeared when Poehler left the show to work on Parks and Recreation.

Sue the Surprise Pooper: Surprisingly, Sue didn’t ruin Wiig’s big departure “announcement” for us.

Did we miss your favorite character? Sound off in the comments below.

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