Best On-Screen Movie Transformations (PHOTOS)

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'Dictator' Camel Ride
Sacha Baron Cohen rides a camel in NYC.
While many movies require actors and actresses to just be ridiculously good looking, other films demand an entire metamorphosis. Sometimes becoming a character sometimes isn’t an easy process and includes wearing elaborate costumes or tons of make-up.

Most recently, Sacha Baron Cohen channeled his newest creation, Admiral General Aladeen, to star in his new comedy The Dictator. He barely got out of character, even arriving to premieres and red carpet events as the hilarious ruler. He isn’t the only celeb to be barely recognizable on set. Let’s not forget Elizabeth Banks’ stint as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games or Brad Pitt’s incredible transformation in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Thanks to a combination of astonishing make-up and groundbreaking visual effects, see some of the best on-screen celebrity transformations in the gallery above.