Chef Curtis Stone On His New Bravo Family: ‘I Love Lisa Vanderpump!’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Although he has hosted numerous food-based reality shows, Bravo’s Around the World in 80 Plates co-host Curtis Stone swears he had nothing to do with the conception, but he is absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.

“This show is every chef’s dream” he tells Celebuzz of the series, which is said to be a mix of Top Chef and The Amazing Race. “It combines all of my passions, food, incredible travel, culture, competition. It’s like someone came along and said, ‘Here you go and we’ll pay you to do all of this!’ I was a happy man when I got the call.”

Has the hunky Aussie chef cooked for Bravo’s famous Housewives yet?

Not yet, but he has admitted to spending a lot of time with the network’s leading ladies.

“It’s an absolute laugh,” he says of the Bravo beauties. “I love Lisa Vanderpump. She’s actually a really sweet lady and I also love Zoila, Jeff Lewis’ maid from Flipping Out.”

How does it feel working on such a gay-friendly channel where he’s possibly the only straight boy on it?

“I’m not going to speak for anybody else’s sexuality,” he laughs. “I certainly am straight. I’ve got the son to prove it. Bravo is all about style and culture and food. I’m very comfortable there.”

In fact, Stone is already teaching his son Hudson and girlfriend Lindsay Price about Australian cuisine. He’s already introduced them to an Aussie culinary specialty — the sausage sizzle.

“I think she probably thought it was a club in West Hollywood,” he remembers. “We were back home and she tried it at my niece’s birthday party. Squishy white bread, horrible looking thin sausage and tomato sauce on top. She devoured a couple and the other day she told me, ‘I’m craving a sausage sizzle!’”

He may have won over his girlfriend’s heart, but Curtis admits that one of his worst nightmares would be if his son turns into a picky eater.

“It would break my heart,” he says, adding that he’s hoping his vegetable garden will sway little Hudson into appreciating his greens. “My plan is to teach him how veggies grow and hopefully he’ll be open to eating them.”

Good luck with that one, mate!

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