Chris Hemsworth Humbled By ‘Avengers’ Continued Success: I Didn’t Think it Would Beat ‘Hunger Games’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Avengers topped the box office for the third weekend in a row, raking in $55.1 million and putting the film at an estimated $457.1 million domestically. In other words, The Avengers is kicking ass and taking scalps … one name being The Hunger Games.

When Celebuzz sat down with Snow White and the Huntsman star Chris Hemsworth, we congratulated him on The Avengers’ continued success.

Hunger what?” Chris, 28, joked about beating records set by his 22-year-old brother Liam Hemsworth. “I kept getting asked, ‘Oh do you think it will make more money than The Hunger Games,’ and I kept saying, ‘probably not.'”

Now that it has, Chris tells us he and Liam have the same reaction about their success:

“All of a sudden these numbers [for The Avengers] came out and I was just blown away,” continued Chris.

“The biggest payoff for [Liam and I] is that people liked the films. People loved them! People would go back three or four times, and that’s the bigger payoff. Especially when kids come up and you are that character. That’s really rewarding.”

Catch Celebuzz’s chat with Chris in the video down below, and check out Liam and Chris’ best brother moments in our gallery above!

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