Meet & Greet: ‘Jane By Design’ Star David Clayton Rogers Talks Married Life, Wants Kids ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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David Clayton Rogers may play Erica Dasher’s older brother on Jane By Design, but the 34-year-old actor admits to Celebuzz that his real-life rock is none other than his wife, Sally Pressman.

The couple, who met at Lesley Kahn’s Acting Studio, tied the knot in September 2011 but have since been hard at work in different states — with David filming in California while Sally shoots Army Wives in South Carolina.

So is David planning to start a family with wife anytime soon? Read on to find out.

Tell our readers about your role on your show.

I am a brother, advisor and sometimes live in idiot of the title character. I came to take care of her after our dad passed away and our mom left when we were kids. It’s sort of like an arrested development as in a grown-up raising another kid.

Do you feel like you’re a big brother to costar Erica Dasher in real life?

I am there in a very much a big brother role for her when she needs to put her head on my shoulder between scenes so she could literally fall asleep. She works so hard. From a familial comfort level, I serve the role of big brother sometimes. As far as raising her on the show, not at all. She is an unbelievable pro. I was so impressed from day one. We were sitting there on set and she was talking about some documentary she had just seen about cave paintings and how the line between art and science in Europe is loosely defined, and then she runs over and shoots a scene where she’s all giggly and tongue-tied because the dreamy guy at school is talking to her. She is incredibly capable of switching between this sort of “I’m pretending to be a grown up” and “I’m a teenage girl” sort of energy. She really doesn’t need a lot of help growing up on set.

You got married in September. How’s the newlywed life treating you?

It’s good! As soon as my wife finish with her show, which films in South Carolina, it will be even better! We manage to see each other every three weeks, even if it’s just for a weekend. It’s very hard but I feel it’s actually easier as newlyweds. Sometimes, when you’re dating someone and you’re at a distance, there’s still something up in the air as if it’s going to work out. There’s just something mentally easier to know that my wife is over there. The connection is just stronger. But thank God for Skype!

What advice would you give to Hollywood couples who are in long distance relationships?

I think for anyone in a long distance relationship, the key is to stay connected. You have to make sure to stay in regular contact. Technology makes it really easy – even if you’re playing something seemingly silly as Draw Something, there’s just something in watching her draw a volcano or a gazelle that helps you stay connected.

Are there any plans to start a family soon, or are you planning to wait to see where your career takes you?

Yes, we are planning to start a family sooner rather than later. I think that having a baby is something that gets you out of your comfort zone and changes your life all in positive ways. I think it’s something that can happen concurrently with a career.

We can’t wait to see a mini David walking around!

We do currently have a dog that stays with her most of the time and it’s amazing to see how much the dog has adopted her personality. It’s just incredible. Sally is just such a strong-headed person so now I have Sally and this miniature Sally in an eight-pound dog form. If that’s any indication, our kids will certainly have a lot of our personalities!

What are some of your bad habits that you wouldn’t want your kids to inherit?

I am a glorious procrastinator. I’ve joked before that I even put off procrastinating. Sally describes my thought pattern as spindles – little wires of ideas that pop off and bang into each other. It’s a fun way to live but can also be tough to get to the post office or make sure there’s gas in the car. It’s great that Sally’s a type A where she has a list of things to get done. In a kid, I would want some of my spindle thoughts and some of her type A together. I think that would come together well.

Be sure to catch David in Jane By Design, returning to ABC Family on June 5 at 9 pm.