’50 Shades of Grey’ Dream Cast: Who Should Play Christian Grey? (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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KSTEW on '50 Shades'
Kristen talks working with Rob again Watch »

Fans of 50 Shades of Grey can't stop speculating about who should be cast in the big screen adaptation.

Like millions of others, Celebuzz staffers were captivated by the novel which centers on recent college grad Anastasia Steele and her sexy relationship with mysterious millionaire Christian Grey, which originally started as Twilight fan fiction.

While lots of names have been thrown around for studio Universal's big screen take on the erotic novel, Celebuzz editor Amanda Hasaka and Socialite Life editor Kelly Lynch have the inside word: the pair is breaking down a number of candidates to determine if they're up to playing the seductive 27-year-old entrepreneur.

What's one of their biggest concerns when it comes to casting?


In this video, Hasaka argued that it is crucial for Hollywood casters to select someone who is as close to Christian's 27 years.

To see who we think would be perfect as Christian, watch the video above, then share your picks in the comments!


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  • Angélique Becerra
    Angélique Becerra

    Taylor KINNEY !

  • gaerielsky

    Alex Pettyfer for sure. He's got the body, the right looks and the right age.

  • sarcruze

    Taylor Kinney for Christina Grey!!!

  • Allison

    Jensen Ackles or Matt Barr!!!!

  • portia

    Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey is the best choice! :)

  • portia

    Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey is whom I imagine when Im reading the book. Alex Pettyfer totally fits as Christian Grey! :)

  • Tracey Anstey
    Tracey Anstey

    jessie pavelka is the ONLY person perfect 4 christian grey

  • HilaryMarie

    Alex Pettyfer would be perfect for the C.G. role!!!!

  • Marialena

    Alex Pettyfer or Henry Cavill ara perfect for Cristian's role!!!!

  • mr. know it all
    mr. know it all

    Duh-Blake Shelton

  • Siuscia

    Justin Hartley for Christian Grey!!! http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/4800000/Justin-justin-hartley-4828776-800-600.jpg

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  • Kate

    Ian Somerhalder

  • Crystal

    William Levy!!! He is sexy and looks like he'd give you a gentle kiss and still be fifty shades of messed up.

  • Fan

    If there is someone like American psycho, it would be perfect! But Christian bale or whatever his name is too old now. We need someone like that character!

  • Lana

    Alexander Skarsgård would be perfect!! <3

  • masseyclik

    TAYLOR KINNEY is perfect forChristian Grey. He fits the bill perfectly. I like Matt Bomer but I agree with the earlier post that he is a bit too polished. Ian S would be my second choice. I would have to see Henry Cavill play the role of a bad boy first to see if he can bring "Fifty" to the screen as he needs to!!

  • sjp

    Charlie would SO be a Christian...those eyes...and he can be such a hard ass but then that "playful grin"...laters baby would fit him perfect :) OR Channing Tatem....MMMMMMMM :)

  • Terry

    James Scott is Christian!!!!!!! Google him.

  • Hula

    JAMES SCOTT= Christian He is the perfect match. Hands down.

  • Spinderella

    I bought this trilogy as summer reading. I did picture one particular actor for Christan Grey as I read. I hope he does not try out for, or get this part. I think its one thing to picture them as CG in your head, but I feel it will certainly end a career once they have done this part. Will someone please write a GOOD book, so all the summer fluff puff over this mess can be over with?

  • Erika Roman
    Erika Roman

    I will Love to see Edward Norton as Crhistian Gray

  • Tina

    only Alex !!!

  • Gwen

    I think Chris Hemsworth is the absolute perfect match! Tall well built, and just absolutely the sexiest man out there! And his eyes!!!! Oh my!!!

  • Bish

    yes to Lyndsy. Gosling for Grey

  • Bish

    thumbs up for Lyndsy but I pick Gosling for Grey.

  • Willow Orlena White
    Willow Orlena White

    Even jared padalecki would be good haha gatta love supernatural

  • maureentampa

    Nolan Ross from Revenge (Gabriel Mann) should play Christian Grey. OMG he's so hot!

  • Michelle

    Henry Cavill, he is perfect for the role Christian Grey, just perfect!!

  • Kim

    Matt Barr would be perfect... He has the depth, vulnerability, correct age, and he looks 'mighty fine' shirt-less!

  • EdieC

    Henry Cavill IS Christian Grey! His Dunhill ads on youtube SCREAM Fifty! & run like a mini 50 shades movie. he has the looks, the body, the eyes, that boyish smile & sexy smirk. He has already played all sides of Christian on Tudors, including domineering,seductive,classy,charming,playful,pained & has even done the nude & steamy scenes with no problem. He can seduce a woman with ease. He is only 29 & 6'1. He looks great in a suit & looks like a greek god as described. no one listed has done it all like Henry. He has the physical description, the body & the resume to prove he can pull off all sides of Christian. Alex Pettyfer is 22 & still to young to know a woman as well as Christian is suppose to he is a boy still where Henry is all man. check him out in Tudors & his Dunhill ads. No one's resume even comes close to the experience in the feelings & traits of Christian like Henry. Not to mention Alex just does not look like a greek god to me.

  • Ianne

    I just can't see Matt Bomer who has openly admitted to being gay plays the part of Christian Grey... no matter how good of an actor you are. In the campus paper interview that brought Anastasia to Christian Grey, she asked him if he were gay. This is a very intense moment that will essentially set the tone for both lead characters. It's hard to imagine and be captivated by a Christian Grey who can never fall in love with Anastasia because they are on the same team! I think Ian Somerhalder is the perfect Christian Grey!!!

  • bubbs

    Me too

  • Shelley Callies-Groce
    Shelley Callies-Groce

    I don't have any strong feelings about who should play Ana, but I do have a strong feeling who shouldn't - Kristen Stewart! She's a terrible actress. I guess I would cast the main roles with people we haven't already established themselves. I do like Alex Pettyfer who's fairly new to the scene. He still has an air of mystery to him and Christian Grey is definately a mysterious character.

  • natc

    This is how I imagine him tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry Boettcher
    Terry Boettcher

    Heck ya!!!

  • Terry Boettcher
    Terry Boettcher

    No! Charlie Hunnam is not Christian, but he would be perfect as Elliot!!! Laters, baby.

  • Terry Boettcher
    Terry Boettcher

    Please, if you don't know Matt Bomer, YouTube some of his work. He is without a doubt the perfect Christian Grey.Yes, he is gay, but..... OMG see him as Bryce Larkin in Chuck, (very steamy with female co star). Then check him out as Neal Caffrey in White Collar. Again very hot with his loves. This guy is such a good actor, and so so "Christian". You forget in a heartbeat about his real life sexual preferences. His sex scenes are very believable and OMG he is gorgeous. Please remember, Christian is described as "beautiful". While some of the actors is see here are sexy, they do not have "beautiful" faces. With the exception of Henry Cavill.

  • Victoria

    Ian S def needs to be Christian gray

  • hon

    Ian S is Grey, or they should go for a complete unknown. Love Cavill but he's like a brick wall. Bomer is too polished (and something else that would make it hard for me find him convincing, sorry).

  • Tammy

    You need IAN HARDING.

  • kjledford

    I didn't even know who this was before 50 Shades. I saw all the internet chatter and saw his pic on another site (different pic) and thought - yep its him hands down. Then I had to research who was in the pic! NOT RYAN. No - he has lost puppy dog eyes.... Christian Grey does not have puppy dog eyes. That is insane.

  • Kirsten

    This is exactly who I thought of while reading the book as well!

  • Cass

    Lucy Hale and Ed Westwick!!

  • jenny


  • Punch Masayavanich
    Punch Masayavanich

    jake-gyllenhaal Matt bomer

  • Jessica

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be great as Christian. Search him on Facebook, Google and also on Youtube. He is so amazing and gorgeous. No doubt.

  • Sally

    I immediately thought Justin Hartley too. Tall, brooding, mysterious but has a sense of humor and can hold his own in the sexy department. Reminder to everyone, he played Green Arrow in the tv series Smallville. H-O-T!!! and my vote!

  • Elsa

    Alex Pettyfer! Ian Somerhalder is not even close. Henry Cavill is totally the wrong choice. He looks old.

  • Melania Nascimento
    Melania Nascimento

    Christian Grey = Alex Pettyfer & Anastasia = Emma Roberts

  • Frankie

    Ryan Gosling is flat out perfect for this role, in everything other than one aspect - good career move? Slightly concerned that anyone who takes this on will purely be 'the guy from the movie of that kinky book'

  • Wendy Cassidy
    Wendy Cassidy

    Alex Pettyfer as christian Grey all the way!!!

  • Carien Malherbe
    Carien Malherbe

    Alex Pettyfer, Ryan Gosling or someone not known to us please !!! I have to say Alex and Ryan will be perfect - I can already feel the excitement.

  • guest

    adrian grenier from entourage!!!

  • Hannah

    COLIN EGGLESFIELD! He's more than perfect.

  • shanti

    Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer would be a perfect fit, for Christian's role!!!

  • Ashley Yanchenco
    Ashley Yanchenco

    i want it to be ALEXANDER SKARSGARD who plays Eric Northman in True Blood!!!! Alexander Skarsgard is the hottest man alive!!!!!!!!

  • Julianna

    Oh and Charlize Theron as Mrs Robinson! Amy Adams maybe for Katherine

  • Julianna

    First off, Christian Grey is supposed to be 27, y not put in a hot young actor like Zac Efron! No Kristen Stewart for Miss Steele, come on now, she's "Twighlight"!!!! Why not, Marion Cotillard!

  • Joan Mejia
    Joan Mejia

    I agree with her that Colin Egglesfield is the best Christian Grey. Ian and Alexander are good for the role too but somehow, I imagine Mr. Grey in Colin.

  • Lissangy Rodriguez
    Lissangy Rodriguez

    Matt Bomer! but if I had to choose from the list definitely alexander skarsgard. The recent episode of True Blood can attest to that .. ;D

  • lady_jade

    I think that one of these guys could play Christian Grey: Chris Pine James franco Ryan Gossling. They are all least all about the same age as the character and I think they could pull it off. I am hoping that the cast stays relativity in the appropriate age group.

  • lady_jade

    I think that one of these guys could play Christian Grey: Chris Pine James franco Ryan Gossling. They are all least all about the same age as the character and I think they could pull it off. I am hoping that the cast stays relativity in the appropriate age group.

  • lilone421

    Jensen would be perfect. He plays the provider and care taker roll very well. He also does funny and playful great as well. He would be perfection for Christian.

  • Karen

    Alexander Skarsgård he's the one I picture in my head as he already plays similiar to Grey already but in true blood.

  • Tracy Bowdidge
    Tracy Bowdidge

    IAN SOMERHALDER def for the role of Christian Grey....its all in the sexy smoldering eyes!!!

  • Holly Serre
    Holly Serre

    yes yes yes!!!

  • Ang

    It's an adult book, we don't need anymore of Twilight.

  • Rox914

    Garrett Hedlund (Country Strong) as Christian Grey.

  • Courtney Leigh
    Courtney Leigh

    Lucy Hale is also a bit less mainstream then say Kristen Stewart... someone new and fresh!

  • Courtney Leigh
    Courtney Leigh

    Chris Hemsworth is a perfect match for Christian. He is tall, muscular, and the perfect age! For Ana, I would definitely say Lucy Hale. If anyone is unfamiliar with her, google! She is a star of Pretty Little Liars on Abc family. She is also the perfect age, with gorgeous big eyes, all around innocent look! However, Lyndsey Fonseca is also a good choice!

  • Lily Vento
    Lily Vento

    MATT BOMER!!! He is the perfect descripción On Christian Grey. He is my CG!!

  • kar1


  • kar1


  • kar1


  • Angi Navarro
    Angi Navarro

    Colin Egglesfield or Ian Somerhalder only. No one else mentioned yet has been good enough looking except that guy who plays Danel Grayson on Revenge, I forget his name....

  • Mana Alah
    Mana Alah

    so far my best nominee would be for Matt Bomer. he's perfect in my opinion..even if he'd gay ;)

  • nicole Dailey
    nicole Dailey

    Only Henry Cavill in thé man for the job view his work and u will see why he is so Christian

  • Janice Dunham
    Janice Dunham

    Henry Cavill is the right one..

  • Wendy

    Matt Barr should be cast as Christian Grey. He is perfect for the role.

  • jpetro

    Bradley Cooper for Christian Grey.

  • Jen Weber
    Jen Weber

    Matthew McConaughey :) or Matt Barr for sure!

  • Laura

    how about Eric Matsolf who plays Brady Black in DOOL he can be stern, loving, plays a sexy tycoon..... I could see him playing Christian as well.... such a nice body as well ;-)

  • brittany lugo
    brittany lugo

    i totally agree he is the only person i see

  • Laura

    I agree! He is Christian.... I was thinking James Scott (EJ from Days)

  • Amy

    I agree Ian is good looking but Chris Hemsworth is great looking, muscular same age as Christian Grey. He's also got the hair. He is soooooo yummy!

  • bethany

    Matt Bomer as Christian!!!!! He is perfect, I cannot see anyone else in this movie.

  • cjshaywade

    I also think Anna should be played by Elizabeth Olsen.

  • cjshaywade

    Jensen Ackles had my vote from day one. [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/01/01/-Jensen-jensen-ackles-30582582-1024-768-340_255.jpg[/img]

  • cjshaywade

    Yes, yes, and yes!!!

  • cjshaywade

    I absolutely agree!

  • christineh

    I absolutely agree. While I was reading, he was who I was imaging. I wish he'd get the part. :)

  • Raven

    Ian Somerhaulder all the way for Christian Grey. He has that smoldering hotness and a definite darkside. He's soooo Christian. Is anyone else seeing Charlize Theron as Mrs Robinson. OMG she would be awesome!

  • JJ

    Though I love Alex Skarsgard to play Christian..I think new comer model/actor Aj Karlovich would be a much better choice. He's young, beautiful ,tall and fits Christians profile.....

  • Holly

    Matt Barr.

  • Katie Michael Weedman
    Katie Michael Weedman

    Alex Pettyfer would make the perfect Christian Grey and Kate Mara the perfect Ana Steele!

  • Johnna

    how about Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz on Pretty Little Liars)? that is exatly who I thought of when I started reading :)

  • Renee Sapienza Koch
    Renee Sapienza Koch

    I think Simon Woods would make a great Christian Grey [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/28/28/Christian grey-340_225.jpg[/img]

  • Sophie

    Henry Cavill...no question. He's perfect for it.

  • emma

    I was all for Ian .... Until my GF showed me a picture of Alex Pettyfer!!! OMG he is 50 shades!!!

  • Schell

    Totally think Josh Duhamel could pull off Christian...looking at photos he has the playful look down, as well as the intense, serious ones...mmm

  • Christy Clark Taylor
    Christy Clark Taylor

    Joseph Gordon Levitt?

  • Christy Clark Taylor
    Christy Clark Taylor

    Alexander Skarsgård Matthew Mcconaughey Christian Bale Ian just doesn't carry himself like Grey. And I swear if Pattinson gets it I'm gonna boycott the movie.

  • Enigma

    Alexander Skarsgård Matthew Mcconaughey Christian Bale Ian just doesn't carry himself like Grey. And I swear if Pattinson gets it I'm gonna boycott the movie.

  • spkjlc

    i imagined Eric Dane.....i think he woud be perfect! ya hes older, but damn he suits the role to a t.....mmmm!

  • Raquel Camacho
    Raquel Camacho

    There is a pic of Chris Hemsworth at from last year where he is promoting Thor and I was like OMG, he could be Christian. I just saw a pic of Rooney Mara on people.com and I was like that's Ana Steele.

  • Raquel Camacho
    Raquel Camacho

    I see Chris Hemsworth as Christian Grey and Rooney Mara as Anastasia Steele

  • jacksonrachael

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  • jasmine


  • jasmine

    seriously!!!! MATT BOMER IS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE!!! NOT IAN SOMERHALDER! he's already Damon!!! We need someone who isn't already out there! a fresh new face!

  • jasmine

    NOT IAN SOMERHALDER! HE DOES NOT HAVE THE LOOK! i love him in vampire diaries but he is already Damon. We need to find someone new, a fresh face. Not just cause Ian is already around and people are just choosing from familiar faces already! MATT BOMER MATT BOMER MATT BOMER!!!

  • jasmine

    NOT IAN SOMERHALDER he does not have that clean cut look! he's more grungy looking! MATT BOMER MATT BOMER MATT BOMER! Cast somebody whose not already that famous! a new fresh face!!!! Ian somerhalder is already Damon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine

    Totally see Zac Efron as Christian

  • sara

    i wont watch the movie if Ian's not in it...coz i already imagined him being christian grey!!! LOVE IAN!!!!

  • sara

    ian somerhalder!!!!

  • Katie

    Henry Cavill. See some pics of him in Immortals. He just turned 29, he's perfect!

  • Ks

    Chace Crawford. Hands down. That's who I envisioned reading it anyway.

  • Amy

    I agree about CHRIS HEMSWORTH! He is tall, built like a greek god, his beautiful hair, the same age as Christian Grey!! He is physically perfect just as the character! By the way it can't be Matt Bomer because he is GAY!!!

  • Ronda Tindall Pennington
    Ronda Tindall Pennington

    I'd like to see Missy Peregrym as Ana.

  • Amb Davis
    Amb Davis

    [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/25/25/alex_pettyfer3-340_510.jpg[/img] alex pettyfer

  • Amb Davis
    Amb Davis

    I don't know why my posts are showing up! But I don't agree with any of these guys they have picked at all! When I read the books I instantly thought of Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey. No doubt at all. To me he perfectly fits the Christian Grey description!

  • Amb Davis
    Amb Davis

    Matt Bomer is a babe, but he doesn't really fit the description.

  • Amb Davis
    Amb Davis

    I don't agree with any of these guys they have picked at all! When I read the books I instantly thought of Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey. No doubt at all. To me he perfectly fits the Christian Grey description! [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/25/25/alex_pettyfer1-1-340_509.jpg[/img]

  • Amb Davis
    Amb Davis

    I don't agree with any of these guys they have picked at all! When I read the books I instantly thought of Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey. No doubt at all. To me he perfect hits the Christian Grey description! [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/25/25/alex_pettyfer1-340_510.jpg[/img]

  • jazzy

    Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey...he has the psycho, dominate part down pact as well as the and physical appearance. Watch an episode of vampire diaries to see what I am talking about.

  • Leah Klein
    Leah Klein

    Im completely devoted to Ian Somerhalder only because yes Christian is tall and successful and sexy as hell..... but he's also haunted and damaged and as the character himself puts it 50 shades of f***ed up, and i think Ian could express each side of Christian very well. But like they said you'd probably have to fine a slightly shorter girl. On that note i vote Nina dobrev.... there's good romantic chemistry there!

  • Chandra Chaves
    Chandra Chaves

    Jessie Pavelka is CHRISTIAN GRAY...

  • Alexandra

    How about Alexander Skarsgard, he is tall enough and has a great figure and his pants certainly hang just the right way. If not, what about that guy from 'Something Borrowed'? He is so hot.

  • Russ

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Alexis Bledel

  • Russ

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen

  • Melyn

    Maybe some unknowns to play Christian and Ana, to really make the character theirs.

  • Melyn

    Edward Norton as Jack Hyde, he can be a very bad boy and could definitely pull off an early thirties character!

  • marievc

    Colin Egglesfield!!!!!

  • Maria

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • justagirl

    Charlie Hunnam (Jax from Sons of Anarchy) Yum...he would be perfect, Sensitive and Sexy!

  • ami1123

    My first thought was Ryan Gosling.....but then what about Josh Duhamel???????

  • Nini Solis
    Nini Solis

    Ian Somerhalderwill be great as Christian Grey his eyes are mysterious enough to play the part.

  • Lady

    I have 2 choices and no one has put them in the running as far as I know. CHRIS HEMSWORTH & JUSTIN HARTLEY!! Look at their pictures and think about it!!!

  • Delaine Cintron
    Delaine Cintron


  • Delissa Michelle Quiroz
  • Delissa Michelle Quiroz
    Delissa Michelle Quiroz

    Jensen Ackles for Christian Grey!!!! [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/23/23/0jensen-jensen-ackles-1685415-1300-1733-340_413.jpg[/img]

  • Krista Duquette
    Krista Duquette

    Matt Bomer for Christian

  • Tanya Miller
    Tanya Miller

    HENRY CAVILL, he is hot and the perfect age!

  • Lore

    Tom Welling would make a very impressive Christian

  • Elicia

    IAN SOMERHALDER (CHRISTIAN) he would be the perfect christian!!! i don't think anyone else could pull it off!!! Please don't let Selena Gomez play Anastasia!!! Please!!! And please don't let Robert Pattinson play Christian or Kristen Stewart play Anastasia... that will just make this a mock twilight!!! Camilla Belle should definitely be Anastasia!!!

  • Jackie

    As (admittedly) obsessed as I am with Ian (and would love the opp to see him in this type of role.. yowzas!), he would not be my first choice for Christian. I would have to go with Jensen Ackles or Henry Cavill. Hands-down. And Lyndsy Fonseca for Ana. I also heard Jennifer Love Hewitt was interested - she might not look 'innocent' enough, tho. bella - Kristen as Ana would be terrible. She shows no emotion whatsoever.. and Ana is full of emotions. As must as I love Twilight, I can't STAND Kristen's acting!!!

  • Kelly

    Taylor Kinney (Christian)and Camilla Belle (Ana)

  • Kelly

    Taylor Kinney (Christian) and Camilla Belle (Anastasia)

  • Amber

    Can we add Matt Bomer to this list? Please?!?!

  • bella

    rob and kristen are perfect for these roles especially Kristan as Ana

  • Jilleke Huybrechts
    Jilleke Huybrechts

    IAN !!!! HE IS PERFECT FOR THIS MOVIE !!! I heard that the eyes are very importent ... Ian has the moost beautiful eyes I ever seen ...

  • MThompson

    Henry Cavill.

  • Becca

    Love the idea of lyndsy fonseca. Think she'd be absolutely stunning. and I really do like the idea of alex pettyfer. Ian would have to bulk up for the role if he were cast which could interfere with our favourite vampire on another show, but I'm sure we'd be able to cope with that.

  • JConway

    FYI James Scott, Plays EJ DiMera on Days of our Lives.

  • JConway

    Check out James Scott, he would be the perfect Christian Grey!!!!!

  • Rachael Salahat
    Rachael Salahat

    Lyndsy fonseca is actually a really good choice! I never heard of her till now! I think Lilly Collins is perfect choice for Ana:)

  • Courtney

    Ian would be awesome...although the book descrives Christian with copper hair I think Ian's dark hair adds to the mystery

  • Felicia

    Henry Cavill is devastatingly, hauntingly gorgeous. He would make the PERFECT Christian. Felicity Jones would make an amazing Anastasia. Lyndsy Fonseca is my second choice for Ana.

  • Felicia

    Henry Cavill is devastatingly, hauntingly gorgeous. He would make the PERFECT Christian and Felicity Jones would make an amazing Anastasia. Lyndsy Fonseca is my second choice for Ana.

  • babyblue2012

    Not Ian... Not Alexander... Throwing out some names that could definitely have the looks and could play the part... Ryan Gosling Henry Cavill Stephen Amell Any of the three will do...

  • Rachael Salahat
    Rachael Salahat

    No one is more perfect than Ryan gosling. His looks, his attitude, his acting. He has it all. So far I have not found anyone who compares. I really hope he would be up for the role. It would fulfill my fantasy for sure! No one looks better in a suit than Ryan!

  • CLu

    I picture Tom Hiddleston when I read but I know he's not a frontrunner. I would agree with Alexander Skarsgaard or Henry Cavill. Ian Somerhalder is a horrible choice, he better not get it.

  • Giselle

    I think Armie Hammer its perfect for christian, perfect face, age, and height

  • Lucy

    I think Ian would be the perfect choice! I can see him playing that role, plus it sounds like he really wants it!

  • ginger

    Chris zylka

  • D

    I feel Jenson Ackles would be great to play Christian Grey!

  • N

    Ian FTW! Loved him in Lost. Pictured him as Grey before I even knew he was in the running.

  • Marie

    in fact, to play the role of Christian / Edward you just need a permanently erect penis.

  • TASH


  • Debbie

    Oh good heavens whoever they pick they better put Piano in the Dark on the soundtrack! Look the lyrics up for that song by Brenda Russell!!!! It's so them!

  • Thayana Hanrath
    Thayana Hanrath

    Ian has the look in the eyes that Christian has when she looks at Ana..but he is smaller and not as muscular as Christian but it could be "fixed" lol.


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