Chris Hemsworth on Co-Star Kristen Stewart, Snow White Sequel (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

During Celebuzz’s sit down with Snow White and the Huntsman star Chris Hemsworth, he had nothing but praise for his co-stars — even Kristen Stewart, despite the fact she just about broke his nose, then bragged about it!

“[Kristen] has such a strong sense of who the character was and a strong idea of right and wrong and justice — and Snow White needed to have that,” Hemsworth, 28, said about working with the younger Stewart, 22.

“She wasn’t sitting on the fence… she knew where she wanted to take it. There’s nothing worse than someone who doesn’t want to commit.”

But which costar did Chris have a misstep with?

Sam Claflin! Or rather, it was the Prince himself who got tripped up during filming.

Chris told Celebuzz:

Sam Claflin is hilarious. It’s funny, he was working with Kristen, I was working with Charlize…by the time we got to do something together it was the first time we’ve had male bonding, and it became a couple of kids in high school– real stupid boy humor and ridiculous. We have this scene where we come in on horseback and storm the castle, neither of us know what we’re doing on a horse… We come charging in, we’re supposed to jump off the horse. Just before the take they said, ‘Ride in, jump off, swing the axe’ we’re like, ‘We didn’t rehearse this!’ and, ‘Action.’ We’re off and my horse has gone this way, he gets off his horse, foot caught in the stirrups, he drags along the ground, I stand on him. It was The Comedy of Errors.

Even though Snow White and the Huntsman doesn’t hit theaters until June 1, the Australian born leading man is game for a sequel if it does well.

“If everyone wants one then absolutely — You know there’s unfinished business for a few reasons,” Hemsworth added.

“I had such a great time making this and in a heartbeat, would jump back on and make another one.”

Check out more from Chris and watch him reenact the moment when Kristen hit him in the nose in the video above! If missed, check out part one down below. Chris ponders “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

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