Eyes Up Here! Miley Cyrus’ Many Cleavage & Side Boob Moments (PHOTOS)

There's no doubt that Miley Cyrus has grown out of her Hannah Montana days, especially with her recent declaration that "sex is actually really beautiful.”

Trading in her tomboy tees for glamourous gowns, the 19-year-old is transforming into a marvelous and mature fashion maven with every red carpet visit.

What's more, recently, the "Can't Be Tamed" diva embraced a slew of sexy styles. From low-plunging dresses to skimpy swimwear, Miley certainly developed a unique look of her own with head-turning pieces.

If you've got it, flaunt it, right? Click through the gallery to see Miley's latest cleavage-baring looks.

Earlier this week, Miley stepped out at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards showing tons of skin in low-plunging, super short Jean Paul Gaultier blazer dress.

While she ended up on the Worst Dressed list, a few fans were still head-over-heels for Miley's white hot number.

"She’s not going to stay a kid her whole life. Love the look," one Celebuzz reader wrote in our comments section.

What do you think of Miley's grown up style? Continue the debate below!

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  • paul

    nice pic

  • John Evos
    John Evos

    boooooobies for all WTF, who cares.......

  • Jane

    I'm 20 and I'm a virgin...it's possible, however in my opinion Miley doesn't give off the vibe that she wants to be seen as little Miss innocent and perfect. Just a young adult that is living her life.

  • Mike Fulton
    Mike Fulton

    How can you even attempt to judge weight loss from a picture of someone in a corset. Do you not understand the basic underlying concept of a corset?

  • H


  • mileyismylife

    this is silly, how can anyone be this perfect?! beyond jealous of her beauty.

  • Tommy

    I look at it this way, the girl is hot, the girl is sexy, the girl obviously enjoys looking like this. Did any of you really think differently about how she dresses. She does it, cause we all talk about it. Just like I am and everyone else is lol. This is like another Britney scenario going on. I'm so innocent,I'm so young,I'm so sexy, I'm so hot,I'm so a virgin. And we all know how tht turned out. Fooled me and alot of other people as well. Liam maybe a good guy but honestly he's not staying with her if she's not giving it up. I don't care what he says, prove me wrong. It happens, and we all act like this isn't the norm anymore. Kids are doing it at 13,14,15 nowadays. She's 19, you fill in the rest. All I'm gonna say about this. I'm done!!!!

  • mileyismylife

    Nothing's wrong with this photo, SHE LOOKS LIKE PURE PERFECTION!

  • tibEstads

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  • Jazz

    Ok people, back off the girl! There is the frequent side boob flashing from her but oh well; it doesn't have a profound effect on any of you so just leave her be

  • Denise Andrea
    Denise Andrea

    she's so beautiful, i love you Miley <3

  • mimi1218

    She just needs to stop *.*

  • jbd59

    you know you want to squeeze those tits and tweak those nipples. lol

  • lou

    who cute, luv her <3

  • Olivia.

    If she wore a bra... like lace thing.... It would be much better. I know She has confident her body, but That's just... TOO MUCH.

  • Jenny Brinkman
    Jenny Brinkman

    LOL classy

  • Jenny Brinkman
    Jenny Brinkman

    PixieCherry is obviously 11 years old or something. She thinks she's typing s0o0o kEWL. So so awful. Don't knock on Miley when you speak/type like that!

  • Annie

    She looks BEAUTIFUL. No one can criticize her on this look.

  • PixieCherry

    ha ! ... focus on the talking u Ass :\ my first Language isnt english , just go return sucking ur dick \ pussy =)

  • Susi J. Nicole Swhon
    Susi J. Nicole Swhon

    She's not even wearing shoes.

  • the pope
    the pope

    I still cram my dick in it.

  • Hugh Hefner
    Hugh Hefner

    Have you ever taken an English class in your life? Quit eating dicks and go read a book.

  • Cali

    She will make you a real freak huh? Seems more like creep, cus your creeping me out

  • dave1001

    That's some healthy sideboob! Her feet look great too. Would love to lick the bottom of her soles!

  • hope

    she has no butt anymore. sad.

  • JuanSucks

    If I were you, I would focus less on beating off to side boob and more on sentence structure. Like..wo..

  • jbd59


  • jbd59

    she does have perky tits though.

  • jbd59

    she does that on purpose.

  • Juan de la Rosa
    Juan de la Rosa

    she will make me a real freak

  • Juan de la Rosa
    Juan de la Rosa

    ssssssssssssexy hey home boy you know shes amazing orbit lady aint got nothing on her get it straight yeah.to me she is very beautiful n talented hmmmm i wonder if the rest of this guys feel the same way huh anyways shes hotttttttttt

  • Juan de la Rosa
    Juan de la Rosa

    exercise is the best thing

  • Juan de la Rosa
    Juan de la Rosa

    may i say u look very beautiful everyday no disrespect there just letting you know from me to u

  • Juan de la Rosa
    Juan de la Rosa

    mad sexxxy real talk look at her so incredible im like wo

  • Jim

    The orbit lady is more attractive

  • PixieCherry

    for god sakes !! does she has BRA allergey besides Her gulaten allergey or whatever GOD ! @@ in a recent interview she said: " its not about being sexy , but if U think im sexy a'll take it as a compliment " REEEEEEEALLY ?!?! its really hard to believe ya know crazy familey dude ... obssesde with jesus & Act the complete OPESITE

  • Mel

    I'd rather play with her firm little boobies than Katy Perry's big sloppy jugs

  • mileyismylife

    Miley is perfect, she can pull off anything and everything!

  • Thomas Buzzard
    Thomas Buzzard

    yes Miley is turning in to a Beautiful young woman, and lovelier every day. I myself did not like her hair at the billboard Awards show. but She is getting more more fashionably As she grows.