Hello Courtney! 17-Year-Old Bride Courtney Stodden Pretends to Be a Cat in Bizarre Spoof (VIDEO)


We never thought we'd say this, but it looks like Courtney Stodden may have outdone herself.

The infamous 17-year-old bride, who was most recently seen washing a black Mercedes in a barely-there outfit, posted a video to YouTube over the weekend in which she does her best cat impression while spoofing the famed Hello Kitty franchise.

So, what exactly does she do in the video?

Well, here's an idea: Not only does she cough up a hairball, Courtney pretends to use a litterbox, scratches up a wall and sleeps around the house. She even eats some cat food at one point!

Could this be a veiled attempt at auditioning for the movie-musical version of Cats we've been praying for Hollywood to greenlight since 1982?!? Let's hope so! Either way, the video must be seen to be believed.

What do you think of the video? Is the spoof funny? Or did the joke fall flat? Sound off, below!



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  • zdah

    shes so hot.. but this video is weird as hell.

  • AlaBella

    That girl is deranged

  • jen

    What in the HELL!? This chick is a goddamn lunatic.

  • mandy


  • elle

    this is so sad

  • sue

    I think she is on drugs or something a normal person doesn't act like this. She is way out there and it is sad that a young woman would pull the things that she does.

  • tulips

    Sometimes I feel bad for this girl. No one is ever going to take her seriously, and her only friend is her 50-something year old husband. She's only getting attention right now because of her age, but what is she going to do for money once she's no longer a 'young bride' and becomes irrelevant? A sex tape will probably end up being her only option, and then it's right back to everyone laughing at her. Sad.

  • Tabatha Brown Matson
    Tabatha Brown Matson

    She's out of her damn mind! Looks like she just wants attention to me and well she's getting it. Go figure.

  • Alexandria Kendall Steer
    Alexandria Kendall Steer

    this bitch is crazy.