Lea Michele Talks Getting Tattoos, Season 4 of ‘Glee’ on ‘Letterman’ (VIDEO)

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Lea Michele already has a whopping 14 tattoos — but is she ready to get more? The short answer: Heck no!

“I have 14, but they’re all so little that you don’t see [them]. That’s why I’m done, though, because all [of] my secret, hidden spots are done; my real-estate is over,” she quipped Monday night, during a taping of The Late Show With David Letterman.

Where did her obsession with getting tattoos come from?

“For me, it’s, weirdly enough, a family activity,” she explained, on why she’s gotten so many tattoos over the years. “I come from a very big Italian family; tattoos are very popular. So, it’ll be, like, Easter, and we’ll be talking, and we’ll be like, ‘Let’s all go get tattoos!’ And then we get super sentimental, and then the next day I wake up with another butterfly on my foot. And I’m like, ‘[It] seemed more important in the moment.'”

Meanwhile, Lea — who is currently dating her Glee co-star, Cory Monteith — also spoke about her hit FOX series, which airs its season three finale tonight. Given that many of the kids — including her character, Rachel Berry — are graduating, how will everything shake out when the show returns in the fall?

“You’ll still see the kids that this year were juniors; you’ll still see them next year in high school. And then you’ll follow the people who have graduated outside of high school, whenever they may go,” she said.

“We did shoot some scenes in New York, for the finale,” she teased. Iiiiiinteresting!

Glee airs tonight at 8PM on FOX.